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31,000 Hires in March! Restaurant and Auto Dealers Lead in Franchise Jobs

Aaron’s Acquires Progressive Finance for $700 Million

Branding: Clueless Quiznos and Stale Sbarro

Quiznos Postpones Key Hearing on Bankruptcy

Sales Shrink for Burger Chains

Hawaii Franchise Protection Bill Tabled

Franchisees Sue Papa Murphy's for over $23M; Allege Fraud, Misrepresentation

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Warmer Weather Brings Mixed Chain Store Results

March Chain Store Sales Rebound 3.6%

Visits Increase in Fine Dining Segment for Last Three Years

March Ends on Weekly Sales Rebound

Quiznos' Attorney Shows Lack of Transparency in Settlement

Darden: Look Beyond the Real Estate!

Beyond Caveat Emptor: Disguised Franchises and Legal Protections

Most Loyal Fans In Baseball

Who Owns the Customer Experience in Retail?

IFA Convention Roundtable on Negotiating a Franchise Agreement – or Not

Australia's New Franchising Law Is No Code for Fairness

Boone Tavern Hotel

Oppose Minimum Wage Increases!

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Franchising and Wage Theft

Popular Cold Stone Owner Shutters Store, "Too much of a Burden"

Lenders Stall Radio Shack Plan to Close 1,100 Retail Stores

Why the Average McDonald's Makes More than Twice as Much as Burger King

Franchising Blamed for Lower Wages

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Terminated Franchisee Gets $512k, Pays $1,727 In Royalties

Noble Roman's Still Pursuing Franchisees

Re/Max CEO Says Lots of Home Buyers

Inside Blue MauMau