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Chevy Impala at risk as large sedans shrink into oblivion

AutoNews - Mon, 2017-07-24 01:01
The Chevy Impala -- one of GM's longest-running and most-recognized names, a car that logged more than 1 million U.S. sales in 1965 -- appears unlikely to survive much longer.
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Crossovers and SUVs fatten profit margins

AutoNews - Mon, 2017-07-24 01:01
Across segments from subcompact to full-size, average transaction prices for SUVs and crossovers in the first half of 2017 ran well higher than similar-size sedans and hatchbacks, an analysis of Kelley Blue Book data shows.
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Mercedes unveils its take on classic pickup

AutoNews - Mon, 2017-07-24 01:01
The X class, Mercedes' first pickup, will hit dealerships in Germany starting in November and will then be rolled out to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in 2018 and Latin America the following year. There are no plans for the U.S.
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Facilities should match the market

AutoNews - Mon, 2017-07-24 01:01
The mistake manufacturers make is they don't allow market-appropriate facilities. What makes sense in a major market can be a financial death sentence in flyover country.
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Millennials spending more money than older shoppers

Store Front Talk Back - Sun, 2017-07-23 14:40
Millennials are spending more money on groceries, restaurants, gas and cell phones than older shoppers. Plus, this generation is starting to settle down, grow their families and make significant purchases like housing and cars.

Retail Roundup—SpartanNash offers curbside, Fresh Market rebrands

Store Front Talk Back - Sun, 2017-07-23 14:30
SpartanNash launches curbside grocery pickup, Fresh Market rebrands, Instacart delivers in Pennsylvania, plus more need-to-know news from the world of retail.

Opel defends inclusion of employee leases in sales data

AutoNews - Sun, 2017-07-23 07:23
Opel defended the inclusion in its sales data of cars pre-registered by the company and leased by company workers, retirees and their families.
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Private-equity firm GPB Capital thrives under the radar

AutoNews - Sun, 2017-07-23 01:01
GPB Capital, a private-equity group, has quietly grown to 66 dealerships. Now they're ready to start talking about who they are and how they operate.
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Some Dodge dealers give in to Demon temptation

AutoNews - Sun, 2017-07-23 01:01
Some, but not all, Dodge dealers are seeking market adjustments that would nearly double the price for the limited-edition drag racer.
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FCA's restated sales show some big swings

AutoNews - Sun, 2017-07-23 01:01
A review of the data points to a company that either didn't accurately know what it was selling month to month or was playing fast and loose with its fleet sales.
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Who will order car subscriptions?

AutoNews - Sat, 2017-07-22 01:01
Vehicle subscription services are emerging as a new slice of the car-sharing market, and industry leaders are still trying to figure out which model will work best.
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Del Frisco’s falls short of 2Q expectations

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 21:48
Company to grow Double Eagle Steakhouse

Noodles & Co launches loyalty program

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 20:29
Company looks to jumpstart sales with rewards

Working Lunch: Minimum wage report rattles labor groups

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 20:05
Also, positive news out of Washington, D.C., for businesses

Food poisoning website to restaurants: ‘We’re an ally’

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 19:58 seeks to provide data to consumers, and restaurants, and prevent outbreaks

How beverages can elevate the customer experience

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 19:26
Executives share strategies for strong beverage programs at Whirley-DrinkWorks! roundtable

Labor department to rescind tip-pooling restrictions

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 19:09
Changes would let front- and back-of-house employees share tips  

Restaurant traffic, even in stronger segments, turns negative

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 18:15
Arby’s and Taco Bell executives share strategies to give consumers what they want

Bareburger, Umami Burger expand Impossible Burger offerings

Nation's Restaurant News - Fri, 2017-07-21 16:30
Casual dining chains make meatless burger available in more locations