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Engel & Völkers Power Players Attend Sherwood’s Star-Studded...

PR Web - Tue, 2016-05-03 03:30

Nicole Van Parys and Gary Nesen joined in celebrating Jack Nicklaus, the man behind much of the estate community’s beauty and prestige

(PRWeb April 25, 2016)

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Captain America, not yet in theaters, still tops the charts

AutoNews - Tue, 2016-05-03 01:01
Audi's superhero-powered spot, 'The Chase,' tops the rankings again this week with 21,771,081 views.
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Small Business Marketing Tactics Revealed in Infusionsoft, LeadPages Study

Small Business Trends - Mon, 2016-05-02 17:30

In December 2015, marketing automation technology company Infusionsoft, along with LeadPages, a maker of landing page software, conducted a marketing tactics survey of more than 1,000 small businesses across the U.S. regarding their use of digital marketing and published the findings in the “2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report.”

The report created from the marketing tactics survey covered five main topic areas:

  • Goals and Priorities. What small business owners hope to achieve with their marketing in 2016;
  • Challenges. What small business owners are struggling with and seek to improve in 2016;
  • Tactics. What tools and techniques small business owners are trying out (and succeeding with) as they move toward their marketing goals;
  • Opportunities. What advantages small business owners can seize in 2016 that will help them reach their goals and get ahead of the competition;
  • Trends and Predictions. Trends that Infusionsoft and LeadPages predict will come to the forefront of small business marketing in 2016.

“We took our two companies collective knowledge and databases and put together a piece that had some solid research behind it, which we feel will be helpful for small businesses,” said Jake Johnson, managing editor at Infusionsoft, in a telephone interview with Small Business Trends. “The report highlights the fact that digital marketing is changing and that small businesses need to focus on these changes to achieve success going forward.”

Top Insights Gleaned from the Marketing Tactics Survey

Small business marketing can be a lonely job. Nearly half (47 percent) of small business owners handle marketing efforts on their own, the report found.

Digital marketing is far from universal in the small business world. One of the more surprising findings from the survey was that nearly one in five small business owners does not plan to use digital marketing at all in 2016.

Tracking the return on their marketing investment is a major struggle for small business owners. Nearly half of those surveyed said they do not know whether they are marketing effectively, and 14 percent know they aren’t.

“This is an analytics issue,” Johnson said. “Many small business owners don’t know what tools are available to them and how to properly set up and interpret their data streams.”

Following up with leads and customers is also a tough task. Twenty-one percent of small business owners don’t store contact information anywhere while only 24 percent use customer relationship management (CRM) software and 20 percent use an email marketing service provider. Forty-five percent don’t maintain an email list to which prospective customers can opt in.

“I would suspect that most small business owners are focused on a few tactics they’ve learned — social media postings, blogging, etc. — but don’t have an overall marketing strategy for executing their digital marketing tactics,” Johnson said.

Most small businesses still use a fairly unsophisticated digital marketing stack. Forty-one percent use only one or two software applications in their marketing, and another 26 percent use three or four.

About half of small businesses plan to invest more in their websites in 2016, and half plan to increase their web advertising budgets. But that doesn’t mean that analog marketing tactics are dead. About a quarter of small business owners plan to spend more on print ads or direct mail, and 14 percent will spend more on telemarketing or in-person marketing.

Fifty-eight percent of small business owners are using social media in their marketing, but less than half are creating any other kind of content to help them get leads and sales. 

Digital Marketing Goals and Priorities Goals

In 2016, small businesses say they plan to look at digital marketing primarily to meet goals at the top and bottom of the customer acquisition funnel. Fifty-one percent of respondents named “driving sales” as a top goal for their digital marketing while nearly as many (48 percent) chose “building brand awareness or conveying information.”

“This heavy focus on the top and bottom of the funnel suggests that many small business owners may be missing opportunities to improve other parts of their customer acquisition and retention process,” Johnson said.


The survey asked which marketing channels small businesses expected to budget more for in 2016. Fifty-one percent listed improving their website as a top priority.

“Given the number of companies who named building brand awareness or just conveying information as a top marketing goal, it makes sense that 51 percent of small business owners planned to spend more money improving their websites in 2016,” the report said.

The overarching theme, according to Johnson, is that small business owners want a “slick-looking website,” but what they need is a sales and marketing strategy to accompany the site.

“It’s of no use building a website if you don’t have a sales funnel and a tech stack that integrates with it,” Johnson said. “There is now enough scale and options for small businesses to put together the technology to make the site work from a sales perspective. You can take a beautiful website and make it do something useful for you.”

Opportunities for Small Businesses

The report emphasized five areas where small business can utilize digital marketing technology in 2016:

  • Content marketing;
  • Customer relationship management;
  • Email marketing;
  • Landing pages;
  • Marketing automation.

“We see some small businesses starting to use these techniques, and feel that most should do it,” Johnson said. “Our customers who have implemented these practices are experiencing measurable growth as a result.”

Trends and Predictions

Regarding trends and predictions, the report recommended that small businesses focus on:

  • The use of paid social placement and mobile friendly assets;
  • Understanding the website is a sales tool, not just a marketing brochure;
  • Integrating all technology to serve the sales funnel seamlessly;
  • Establishing KPIs for data and acquiring the knowledge and tools to derive conclusions from that data.

Johnson concluded by saying, “It can be easy for a small business owner to read a report like this and feel overwhelmed. The key is to focus on one or two aspects initially, do some testing, see what works, and then iterate from there.

Click here to download the marketing tactics survey and report. Visit the Infusionsoft and LeadPages websites to learn more about what each has to offer.

Image: Infusionsoft, LeadPages

This article, "Small Business Marketing Tactics Revealed in Infusionsoft, LeadPages Study" was first published on Small Business Trends

Noodles & Co. Offers Special Gift Card Promo

QSR Magazine - Mon, 2016-05-02 17:01
Image Caption: Image Credit: Noodles & Co. customers receive $5 bonus card for every $25 gift card.Exclusive Brief: 0

Noodles & Company announced the launch of a gift card promotion to celebrate moms, dads, and grads throughout the spring season of giving now through June 30. For each $25 gift card purchased, guests will receive a $5 Gift Giver Bonus Card that can be used online at or in restaurants.

Chains: Noodles & Co.

Denny’s expects benefit from brand revitalization program

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:51
Family-dining chain’s profit increased 16.6 percent in first quarter Family-dining chain’s profit increased 16.6 percent in first quarter

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Del Taco 1Q same-store sales rise despite traffic decline

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:46
Brand has been evolving to offer more premium menu items Brand has been evolving to offer more premium menu items

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Cousins and Coca-Cola Invite Customers to Roll in the Dough

QSR Magazine - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:43
Image Caption: Image Credit: Cousins and Coca-Cola invite customers to 'roll in the dough.'Exclusive Brief: 0

Cousins Subs and Coca-Cola are baking up $10,000 for one lucky winner of the Rollin’ In The Dough contest.

Now through June 25, those who purchase a drink and chips or small fry with any 7.5-inch sub in-store will receive a voucher to enter to win one of the following prizes: up to $10,000 in cash, $5,000 in Cousins Subs gift cards, and other instant win prizes.

Chains: Cousins Subs

McAlister's: WI, CO, GA Key to Growth

QSR Magazine - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:40
McAlister's says Wisconsin, Colorado, and Georgia are key to growth.Exclusive Brief: 0

McAlister’s Deli announced it is looking for new partnerships with experienced multiunit franchise owners in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; Denver; and Atlanta as the brand continues its expansion.

Chains: McAlister's Deli

A new type of mushroom burger

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:33
Blog: The James Beard Foundation and the Mushroom Council team up for the Blended Burger Project

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El Pollo Loco names new chief development officer

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:30
John Dawson, formerly Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf CEO, to spearhead marketing and franchise sales John Dawson, formerly Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf CEO, to spearhead marketing and franchise sales

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Dunkin' Says 'Aloha' to Hawaii Deal

QSR Magazine - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:28
Image Caption: Image Credit: Dunkin' signs 15-unit deal on Hawaiian Islands.Exclusive Brief: 0

Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, announced the signing of a multiunit store development agreement with new franchise group, Aloha Petroleum Ltd. Under the agreement, Aloha Petroleum will develop 15 new Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii (The Big Island) in the state of Hawaii, with the first restaurant planned to open in 2017.

Chains: Dunkin' Donuts

Tom Ryan named chief brand officer at Smashburger

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:25
Brand cofounder had been chief concept officer Brand cofounder had been chief concept officer

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Texas Roadhouse 1Q sales rise as food costs fall

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:21
Same-store sales rise 4.6 percent at company-owned restaurants Same-store sales rise 4.6 percent at company-owned restaurants

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Pieology Opens Second Florida Location

QSR Magazine - Mon, 2016-05-02 16:17
Image Caption: Image Credit: Pieology opens second Florida location in Ponte Vedra Beach.Exclusive Brief: 0

Pieology Pizzeria, where pizza lovers go to create artisan-style custom pizzas in endless flavor combinations for one affordable price, is excited to announce the opening of its second Florida location in Ponte Vedra Beach. Located in Nocatee Town Center East, Pieology Ponte Vedra Beach features the company’s newly introduced custom salad program and offers locals the opportunity to enjoy personalized pizzas and made-to-order custom salads, using an unlimited selection of more than 40 toppings.

Chains: Pieology Pizzeria

The New Intuit Payroll Mobile App Makes Remote Work a Snap

Small Business Trends - Mon, 2016-05-02 15:30

For many small businesses, outsourcing non-core functions makes a lot of sense because they don’t generate any profit. Even though they might be essential, such as payroll, paying someone else to do it will give you more time to focus on the core competencies of your company. However, the market is full of software that has simplified payroll to the point where doing it in-house makes more sense.

The Intuit Mobile Payroll App Makes Paying Employees A Snap!

The new Intuit Payroll Mobile App extends the capabilities of QuickBooks Payroll so it can be accessed from anywhere. With this app, you can pay your employees and take care of your payroll taxes when you are away from your computer.

The Intuit mobile payroll app has functionalities that are essential for remote payroll tasks. Granted you don’t want to be on your mobile device doing the entire payroll for all of your employees all the time, but if you happen to be on the go this app can quickly and automatically sync with your Intuit Payroll account giving you access to the information you need.

The first thing you can do is run payroll, which is only a couple of taps away according to Intuit. All it takes is for you to enter the hours your employee has worked, review the paycheck and approve it. Three steps that can easily be achieved on your Android or iOS device smartphone or tablet: select the employee, pay the employee, review the checks.

For more details watch the below video.

Another great functionality is being able to pay taxes and file tax forms electronically with your mobile device. Whether you are at your accountant’s office or somewhere else, you can access your tax information with the same easy taps as making payroll.

Once you are at the Taxes & Forms screen, you can see which payments are due. You can then tap a tax payment or form to review, and then tap  E-Pay or E-File. Intuit then does the rest,followed by a confirmation of the successful e-payment or e-filing. If additional steps are necessary, Intuit will inform you of what is needed.

Taxes and Forms

If there is one thing small business owners are it’s busy, which invariably results in forgetting tasks here and there. The Intuit mobile app has an alert and notification feature that makes sure you always remember your payroll tasks. By setting the alerts and notification ahead of time, you can ensure your employees and the tax man always get paid on time.

The app also lets you view details about your employees, such as personal information, payment method, pay rate, sick hours and more.  This includes the paycheck history, so if you need to answer any questions about previous payments, it is as easy as tapping his or her name.

In order to fully optimize the Intuit mobile app, you need to sign in to QuickBooks Payroll on the web for the initial payroll setup and sign up for direct deposit and e-pay/e-file. This makes it possible to pay your employees and payroll taxes electronically with the mobile app.
The Intuit mobile payroll app is free with the payroll subscription and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.
Image: Input

This article, "The New Intuit Payroll Mobile App Makes Remote Work a Snap" was first published on Small Business Trends

ShopHouse continues slow and steady growth

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 15:17
Still a “growth seed” brand, more ShopHouse units planned for existing three markets Still a “growth seed” brand, more ShopHouse units planned for existing three markets

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Dealing with customer complaints in a digital world

Nation's Restaurant News - Mon, 2016-05-02 14:56
“Hug Your Haters” author Jay Baer offers tips for handling complaints from restaurant patrons “Hug Your Haters” author Jay Baer offers tips for handling complaints from restaurant patrons

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Acura launches ad campaign for 30th anniversary

AutoNews - Mon, 2016-05-02 14:44
Instead of cake and candles, Acura is running a new ad campaign for the brand's 30th anniversary.
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Army vet becomes Batteries + Bulbs franchisee

SmartBrief - Mon, 2016-05-02 14:04
Rob Scott spent time as a combat medic and lab technician in the US Army before eventually entering the oil industry.  -More
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Nathan's Famous resurrects the classic Coney Island

SmartBrief - Mon, 2016-05-02 14:04
Nathan's Famous, in conjunction with HelloWorld and Marsh Brand Partners, is launching a push called "Ticket to Fun" that fea -More
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