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Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?

In a paper that is about to be published and reviewed by peers, professors are concluding that entrepreneurship is indeed built into one's genes. That doesn't mean that entrepreneurship cannot be learned, but according to studies, there are strong elements of it built into one's very own make-up. Entrepreneurial professor Scott Shane and genetic epidemiology professors Tim Spector, Lynn Cherkas and Nicos Nicolaou say that the evidence suggests:

  • The tendency to be an entrepreneur is heritable. (Heritability is the proportion of difference between individuals explained by genetic factors.)
  • The tendency to identify new business opportunities is also heritable.
  • The tendency to be an entrepreneur and personality traits of extraversion, openness to experience, and sensation-seeking have a common genetic component, as does the recognition of business opportunities and the personality trait of openness to experience. These patterns suggest that our genes might affect our tendency to be entrepreneurs by influencing the types of personalities that we develop.

Read the full blog by Prof Scott Shane at the New York Times

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