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Blimpie Class Action Suit Is No Joke

Consumers Ronald Williams and Jennifer Clayton claim to have suffered nearly $75K in damages for not being able to eat a truly double portioned Blimpie sandwich as advertised.

Blimpie's holding company, Kahala, wants this case (pdf) removed to federal court, where judges don't have much patience for this frivolous attorney extortion. This court is famous for being generous to class-action plaintiffs, which is why the attorneys are seeking to turn this "beef" with Blimpie into a multi-million dollar payday.

According to the complaint, the nutrition facts for the Super Stacked sandwiches state that Super Stacked sandwiches contain less than double the amount of protein as compared to their regular counterparts. - Winston & Strawn

This is the court which ordered Philip Morris to pay $3 billion and has successfully driven asbestos manufacturers into bankruptcy, so Kahala had best hire some good attorneys and start spreading some campaign contributions around the jurisdiction. Perhaps former Illinois governor Blagojevich might be interested in doing some "outreach" among the proper authorities.

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