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Hotel Franchisee Pays Half A Million Dollars for Franchisor's Computer System

A recent case decided by the United States Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit, La Quinta v Heartland Properties, shows again the animosity that most Courts, especially federal Courts, have towards franchisees.

Information Is Good, But Not Too Much

The Federal Trade Commission’s view of how to regulate source requirements is to pump more information into the market to allow actors in the franchise arena to make more efficient decisions.

Franchisors: Competition Is Great So Long As You Don't Compete With Me

Almost every franchise agreement includes a post-term covenant not-to-compete whereby the franchisor has the right to thwart a franchisee’s right to operate or own a competitive business after the expiration or termination of the franchise agreement.

Franchisors, Dirty Hands and Equity

Owners of trademarks understandably sue licensees when licensees continue to use the owners’ trademarks after owners have retracted their authorization to use them.

Franchise Renewals: They've Got You Coming and Going

Renewals have always been a hot topic in the franchise world. Not surprisingly, most, but not all, of the legal history on renewals shows franchisees to be the definitive losers.

Ladies of the Night and Franchisee Underreporting

What is underreporting? If you have to ask, and you’re a franchisee, you’re probably not doing it. But, then again, maybe you are; unwittingly. In its simplest incarnation, franchisee underreporting occurs when a franchisee “reports” to his franchisor less income or sales than what he actually makes or earns.

Claims Of Franchisor Discrimination: Dead On Arrival

As a franchisee attorney I’m unable to even begin to put a number on how many times I’ve received calls from distressed franchisees claiming that they are victims of “unfair discrimination” by their franchisors. And, these callers
always have a strong view on the legality of such discrimination.