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Businessweek on Franchising: An Inch Deep Look

This week, Bloomberg Businessweek has a detailed cover story about Burger King’s (NYSE:BKW) leadership.

What Does Restaurant Refranchising Really Mean?

Two weeks ago, McDonald’s (MCD) announced it planned to refranchise up to 1500 units out of Europe and Asia Pacific, and announced a series of increased dividends and share buy back plans.

Franchisors and Numbers Reporting: It's Not What You Expect, but What You Inspect

Kudos once again go to Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Inc. (PLKI) not only for a good Quarter One 2014 earnings results reported just last evening, but also for continuing the practice of being the only publicly traded restaurant franchisor that I'm aware of that reports its franchisees cash flow proxy number.

Darden: Look Beyond the Real Estate!

There is an ongoing battle underway with regards to the casual dining giant Darden and the stock activists that are pursuing it, due to its under performance. Since it is likely that Red Lobster will be spun off and potentially open up to franchising for the first time, or that a private equity consortium could purchase Darden and sell the restaurants as franchises, this article is of particular importance to casual dining franchisees.

Sbarro and Quiznos: What Happened?

The business press is still reporting on Sbarro's and Quiznos' Chapter-11 bankruptcy filings of two weeks ago. Both have been troubled firms for a long time.

Restaurant Acquisitions, Current Concerns

Watching some restaurant franchisee network acquisition efforts underway currently, a number of common issues seem to be emerging. The need to obtain the right price is enormous. Buying more restaurants is as final of a decision as is picking a site, signing a franchise agreement or building a new unit. You have only one chance to get it right.

Note to Restaurant Investors and Franchisees

Lately, there has been a spate of restaurant franchisors in heavy sales mode, pushing their concepts with little to no disclosure of sales or profitability.

McDonald's Mighty Wings Problem: What is Going On at HQ?

The restaurant business is dynamic and ever changeable. You can never tell what consumers will do.

Implications of Increasing State Minimum Wages for Restaurants

California, New York and New Jersey retail and restaurant operators will have problems dealing with the minimum wage increase approved this fall. There could be more states coming.

The Franchising Cloud of Mystery, Issues with Wage Increases

Over the last couple of weeks, several items in the news highlighted the math in the franchising space.