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Presidential Politics Dramatically Reshapes Brand Perceptions of ‘Patriotism’

The 15th annual Brand Keys survey of iconic American brands in over 100 categories reveals a dramatic shift in consumer perceptions of brand 'patriotism.' Jeep, Disney, and Levi Strauss continue to lead an otherwise dramatically re-drawn list of patriotic brands, with brands like Fox News, Tesla, MSNBC, and Twitter joining the 2017 list.

The Greenest Brands in America

April 22nd is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, so this is the season to release our list of the top-25 greenest brands in America. Of 740 brands included in this year’s 22nd annua

Baseball Makes A Comeback, National Pastime Is First in Fan Loyalty

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day was April 2. It's always a big moment, but this year it was considerably bigger.

What's in a Name?

Shakespeare answered the question what's in a name with, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Well, that was then, but today that question has taken on new import.

Brand Loyalty in America of 2017

Soaring customer expectations are creating an increasingly challenging environment for brands seeking engagement, according to the 22nd annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI).

A Retrospective View of Predicted Trends for 2017

If the title for this year’s Brand Keys Trends for 2017 seems a bit contradictory, think about the two biggest questions being raised just as we enter the New Year: “How did we get here and how did researchers get it so very wrong?”

2016 Loyalty Leaders: Digital Delights

More than a third (35%) of the 2016 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders are represented by digital technology, social networking brands, or brands that facilitate digital tech or social networking.

The NFL's Most Loyal Fans

The NFL season always kicks off with teams planning for an ideal season leading to Super Bowl. This year the annual kickoff game felt familiar, with the Carolina Panthers opening the season in Denver, looking for a chance to bounce back from last year's Super Bowl loss.

2016 Back-to-School Spending Receives a D+

The 2016 back-to-School spending report card for households with school-age children (pre-school through 12th grade) indicates that parents do not plan to spend significantly more this year.

America’s Favorite Beer

Writer Charles Farrar Browne, aka Artemus Ward, noted, "We all can't be Washingtons, but we can all be patriots." When he wrote that he was, of course, talking about people – not products. But certain brands think it's a philosophy worth leveraging, and sometimes it is.