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What the Demise of the DOL’s Joint Employer Doctrine Means for Franchisees

While the nation is coming to terms with the culture shock of an unconventional president most Americans never expected, a sea change for the franchising community is also on the horizon.

Franchisees, Please Ask California's Governor to Sign SB610

California Senate Bill SB610, which is sponsored by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, has now passed the state legislative branch. It is now on Governor Brown's desk for approval. Franchisor advocates are bringing substantial pressure on the governor in a last ditch effort to defeat SB610.

Fair Franchising Legislation before California Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protections Committee This Morning

California Senate Bill SB-610, a piece of fair franchising legislation sponsored by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD), goes before the California Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection on Tuesday morning, June 24, 2014.

AAFD Supports California's SB 610 Good Faith in Franchising Bill

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) is pleased to co-sponsor Senate Bill SB610, and I am writing to voice my support of legislation for balanced franchise relationships in California.

Franchising Myth Seven: You Lower the Cost of Doing Business through the Power of Group Purchasing

The myth that owning a franchise guarantees to lower your cost of doing business due to the synergies of group purchasing that will benefit the entire franchise network is, quite sadly, the most recent addition to the Franchising Hall of Shame.

Franchising Myth Six: Many Franchises Means Critical Mass of Market Penetration

Too many prospective franchise buyers I know assume that a franchise is successful because it is “big enough” to sell franchises or because it already has hundreds of franchises in operation.

Franchising Myth Five: Franchising Provides a “Proven Franchise Business System”

Franchising provides a "proven franchise business system" is a myth I hear from prospective franchisees all the time.

Franchising Myth Four: The Typical Franchisee Gains a Valuable Brand Asset

Let's play a little game. Review Blue MauMau's alphabetized directory of franchises. HERE is the link. Take a few minutes to browse and then ask yourself how many companies you recognize. When you're done, come back to this article.

Franchising Myth Three: Franchisees Own Their Franchised Business

Many franchisees consider themselves to be business owners. A franchisee might hire and manage employees, sign the lease on a store or restaurant, handle customers, keep the books and take home profits at the end of each month.

Franchisee Advocate to Testify Before the California Senate Judiciary Committee

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) has signed on as a co-sponsor of California Senate Bill SB610, fair franchising legislation pending in the California legislature.