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Employee Free Choice Act as American as Apple Pie

Before you get lathered up and call me names, please read my view of the Employee Free Choice Act. Try to keep an open mind as you consider my arguments and conclusions.

The Best Hotel FACs

Some hotel franchise advisory councils, where franchise owners advise their franchisors, are better than others. Here’s the best of them and why.

Franchise Advisory Councils: Powder Puffs or Powerhouses?

On February 11, 2009, I was the luncheon speaker at the AAHOA Franchise Advisory Council Summit in Orlando.  In my talk, I made the following points:

Do Hotel Franchisees Need Independent Associations?

In the volatile world of franchisor/franchisee relations, reconciliation often seems hopeless because the franchisor usually has the upper hand.  Even the modest proposals embodied in the AAHOA 12 Points of Fair Franchising are seen as revolutionary and radical.

A Hotel Business Plan for Today's Difficult Environment

As a hotel industry historian, I was happy to come across a Wall Street Journal front page article dated December 12, 1972.  “Economy Motels Lure Travelers With Prices as Low as $6 a Room.

Why Are Some Franchisors Defranchising Exterior Corridor Hotels?

Here are impertinent questions for hotel franchisors that are in search of pertinent answers.

Hotel Franchises Compared to Auto Dealer Franchises

The large hotel franchise companies do not grant “areas of protection” (AOP) to their franchisees. At best, some of them utilize third-party impact studies to try to quantify the effect of the proposed new hotel on the existing franchisee. The results of these impact studies are highly subjective.

New President of Wyndham Ignores Real Issues

In a recent letter to owners and general managers, Eric Danziger, the new Wyndham President and CEO, wrote on issues but skipped the biggest concerns of its franchises. Here's the letter:

The Score at Vista Hospitality

Vista Hospitality is examined on how it promotes compliance with the standards of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association's 12 Points of Fair Franchising.  AAHOA is the largest association of franchise owners in hoteling.

The Ultimate Bionic Man

On October 13, 2008, my left hip joint was replaced with a plastic and titanium implant. I spent seven days in the hospital and 2 weeks in a rehabilitation center.