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The Buyout of America, How Private Equity Is Destroying Jobs and Killing the American Economy

Perhaps if each member of Congress read “Buyout of America” they would understand that unsustainable debt does the same thing to companies that it did to our economy in 2008: eviscerate jobs like nothing else can.

Author Josh Kosman has updated the paperback version of “Buyout” which reached bookstores at the end of 2010 and brings us up to date on the economic crisis and lingering recession. It is an eye-opening view inside the shadowed world of Private Equity, now 40 years old.Familiar names, companies, politicians and institutions are found everywhere in the book, but Kosman leaves behind the flowery praise about the celebrity rich and opens the backroom door to expose what this has all been about: unrestrained greed. I observed this run up and along with many other businessmen watched in fear as our economy transformed from a global giant of innovation into a world of financial manipulation where “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” is aptly described in “Buyout”   

Rush 535 copies to: U.S. Congress, Washington, DC20515


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