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The British Franchise Association announced Tuesday that it is launching a certification for franchise professionals. It’s called Qualified Franchise Professional.

With the recent tough economic climate causing many people to think about entering into the franchise world, this qualification will give an added reassurance that the brand they are buying into, or the advice they are getting, is in line with the highest possible industry standards.”, concludes [Tom] Endean [Marketing Manager for the BFA]. –

BFA Qualified Franchise ProfessionalThe BFA seems to be imitating the International Franchise Association’s long-established "Certified Franchise Executive" program.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But a "credential" issued by a trade group is hardly indicative of an objective viewpoint. What is troubling is the quote above that indicates the true purpose of this "credential"--to imply to prospective purchasers that "the advice they are getting, is in line with the highest possible industry standards," when in fact the "credential" is earned by conforming to the directives of a trade association for those who want  to sell more franchises.

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