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Buying Tools

Woohoo!! Here's a list of free online buying tools to help soon-to-be franchise owners

Blue MauMau continues to build content like crazy for our readers. Here's what's now available and what's coming down the pipe soon.

  1. Franchise Directory. At 2400+ and counting, it is the biggest listing of franchisors. What franchise concepts are out there in particular sectors. A list of thousands of franchisers in America for the benefit of our readers. We list them whether they advertise with us or not because you want to know who is out there.

  2. Free Disclosure Documents. You could always ask a franchisor's salesperson for a free franchise disclosure document  but if you don't want to see a salesperson quite yet then here is where you access those documents for free.

  3. Franchises Ranked. Lots of organizations rank franchises. We are not proud. If someone lists them, we link to it. And if no one dares publish it, we publish it ourselves so that our readers will be in the know.

  4. Trademark: Is the franchisor trying to pull the wool over your eyes in selling you a brand name that they do not even own? Don't laugh. It's been known to happen. Blue MauMau has reported on such bad practices, where franchisees wake up to find that their name or worse -- their franchise belongs to someone else. Check the U.S. Patent and Trademark office's TESS search engine to see if the trademark is registered and indeed belongs to the franchisor.  

  5. Finance: SBA Preferred Bank Lenders. Places in your neck of the woods that are SBA preferred lenders.

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