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Investigative News

The Most Profitable Industries

Arby’s Sells Development Deals to New and Old Franchisees

Coffee News President Bill Buckley on Franchise Implosion

Franchisees Leave Coffee News in Mass Exodus

Buyers Choose Existing Franchises over New Ones

Tax Court Warns Owners in Using IRA ROBS

Sports Team Franchises To See Strong Growth; Fast Food Not So Much

Government Warns Again: Franchises Do Not Succeed More than Small Businesses

Franchises Densest Where Regulation Toughest

Regulating Franchising, Part 2

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Headlines from the 'Net

Worst Franchises with the Highest Loan Defaults, 2013

Buying a Franchise is Riskier than Ever

Don’t Get Blocked by LEGO

Franchising and Wage Theft

Franchising Blamed for Lower Wages

Robbing Retirement and the Taxman?

Franchise Investors, Beware the Traps for the Trusting

GAO Reveals SBA’s $1.5B Franchise Loan Headache!

Vital Stats on Franchise Ownership?

How Much Do I Need to Buy a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell?

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Expert Advice

Do Statistics Reveal the Truth about Franchising?

Which is Better? Buying a License or a Franchise?

How a Prospective Franchisee Can Review Item 20

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