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Canucks: Plus ca change @ Horton's

Hosting the Olympics has caused Canuck cognitive dissonance.Weary of their "nice guy" image coupled with their failure to win Olympic gold on their home turf, the Canadians have begun a national campaign to engage in flag-waving and trash-talking.

The new attitude garnered some comment on American television during the opening ceremonies, with the consensus being that this was decidedly un-Canadian, and even--dare we say?-- downright Amurrican.

Into the fray has jumped Canadian franchisor Tim Horton's. Unveiling the new "Canada Donut" the company proclaims:

Get in the spirit with Tim Hortons' new Canada Donut - a classic ring donut, topped with vanilla fondant and red maple leaf sprinkles. Enjoy one with your favourite coffee today!

And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, the franchisor urges romantic Canucks to give a gift of the Tim Horton's "Tim Card" as a perfect gift for the "coffee lover."

Tim Horton's recently opened some outposts in New York City though, and now is embracing a new customer service philosophy more worthy of the Soup Nazi than a nation which gives lessons in politeness to newcomers. An article in the Toronto Sun reports that a man has been banned pursuant to the provincial "trespass act" after complaining too much about being served bad coffee.

In fairness, the franchisee told the media that his staff had gone out of their way to accomodate the patron, even brewing up fresh pots of coffee upon request (try to get that in New York!).

The disgruntled customer is now considering resolving the issue in a decidedly American way--he wants to file a lawsuit.

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