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10 Business Movies to Enjoy over the Holidays

The holidays may give you the opportunity to take the time to relax and enjoy one or more of the following business-themed movies, which perhaps will pass on useful business information besides.

5 Franchising Lessons from Ray Kroc Movie 'The Founder'

The Founder is a new movie about McDonald's founder Ray Kroc and how he built the hamburger chain to its impressive success. The feature, starring Michael Keaton as Kroc, was released in Australia this past Thursday, way before any other country.

Domino’s Crowns Franchisee as Its 2016 Fastest Pizza Maker

Dennis Tran makes his pizzas to win Domino's fastest maker crown
Dennis Tran competes to make pizzas the fastest

LAS VEGAS—In a competition held each year from the ranks of its stores, Domino's announced yesterday that it has crowned franchisee Dennis Tran as 2016's World's Fastest Pizza Maker.

Top Movies for Entrepreneurs over the Holidays

Joy opened in theaters on Christmas Day. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro, it tells the story of the ups and downs of Joy Mangano, inventor of Miracle Mop.

Is Tom Brady and NE Patriots vs. the NFL a Typical Franchisor Power Play?

The battle between New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and the NFL is reminiscence to me of a struggle that is played out everyday in Franchising. The management team of the NFL (franchisor) is flexing their muscles to prove that they are more powerful than any one player/team (franchisee).

Matt Stonie Becomes New Hot Dog Eating Champion

NEW YORK — In his first win of the Mustard Yellow International Belt, Matt “The Megatoad” Stonie upset eight time winner Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. Stonie gulped down 62 hot dogs and buns.

Which Baseball Teams Have the Most Loyal Fans?

It’s just like Yogi Berra said. “A home opener is always exciting whether it's home or on the road," and Major League Baseball opened its 2015 season this week with the cry of 'play ball' accompanied by the release of the 23rd annual Sports Fan Loyalty Index.

McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” Ranked Super Bowl 2015’s Best Commercial

Budweiser puppy and Clydesdale horse commercial was popular among viewers
Budweiser's puppy & horse commercial ranks second. photo/YouTube

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. —According to television advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix, McDonald's one-minute "Pay with Lovin'" commercial was the top-scoring ad of Super Bowl 2015.

Franchisors Buy over Half of Super Bowl Ads

McDonald's Pay with Lovin' Ad

McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" Super Bowl commercial. YouTube

GLENDALE, Ariz.—Super Bowl XLIX may have been a game for the ages, but the 2015 Advertising Super Bowl was a ho-hum affair. Companies engaged in franchising continued to dominate the advertising buys for the most viewed television program of the year, purchasing 54.2% of paid spots, as compared to 45.8% of paid ads by all non-franchisor advertisers combined.

Scowling, Disapproving Italian Old-Timers Featured in Pizza Hut Ad Campaign

Whoever the casting director was for the current Pizza Hut ad campaign that features Italian old-country senior citizens who are picky about their pizzas, she succeeded brilliantly in finding the right people.