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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Dry Cleaner Franchise Chain Takes Laundry 24/7

OXXO Care CleanersThe Hollywood, Florida-based OXXO Care Cleaners franchise chain takes and delivers laundry 24/7 and is eco-friendly. Founder and CEO Salomon Mishaan grew up in his father's textile business in Colombia, later worked in plastics in Venezuela, and traveled to Europe before he established OXXO in Florida in 2002. His time in foreign countries gave him the advantage of perceiving the backwardness of the dry cleaning business in the U.S., giving him the opportunity to establish something better.

Why Franchisors Hate Their Franchisees

Your franchisor hates you, writes David Chapman. He is the head of an agency that deals with more than 20,000 franchisees on a daily basis, and says his firm consequently often finds itself in the middle of tensions between franchisors and their franchisees.

Obscure Clause Limits Fast-Food-Worker Job Opportunities

Burger King workersTwo well-known Princeton labor economists have zeroed in on a clause that they feel could be having a major effect on pay growth and job opportunities for fast food workers. The clause is not found in any agreements the workers sign, so they are presumably mostly unaware of its existence and the limitations it places on them.

Coca-Cola Franchisee Counteracts Declining Soda Sales & Climbing Taxes to Prosper

It would seem that Coca-Cola franchisees are facing a discouraging sales environment. Carbonated drinks sales have declined for 12 straight years. The public is constantly being warned that the drinks are unhealthy and make them fat.

Griswold Home Care Announces It Is Franchising Again

CEO Matt Murphy receives AAFD award for Griswold from America's franchisees

Home care franchising chain Griswold Home Care announced on August 22 that it has returned to franchising. After stopping the sale of franchises for three years, the franchisor has begun again to actively look for franchise owners.

Why Franchisees Hate Their Franchisors

The CEO of a marketing company writes that his firm works with over 20,000 franchisees both in the U.S. and globally. He and others in the company hear many gripes from them. He is writing to franchisors, but since it's via Forbes, those on the franchisee side get to read about it and compare it with their own experiences, as well as using it as a guide to potential pitfalls before deciding whether or not to sign on with a franchise brand.

McDonald's Multi-Unit Franchisee Grew Up in Company

Stephanie Rawden, a multi-unit McDonald's franchise owner based in Pennsylvania, grew up in the McDonald's business. Her father, aunt and uncle all owned separate McDonald's locations, and now Stephanie owns multiple locations, partnering on the parent company with her brother, who owns his own Mickey D restaurants, according to the Reading Eagle Business Weekly.

5 Big Franchisees Share Their Success Secrets

Five of the biggest multi-unit franchisees talk about their paths to success, showing us in the process that those paths are unique to each business and don't run smooth. McDonald's is represented through their largest franchisee, Arcos Dorados, as well as Arby's, Wingstop, Dairy Queen and more.

Phone Industry Disruptor Brand Kix Mobile Opens First Store in Chicago Area

The first of dozens of stores planned for the Chicago area - the new store in Elmhurst, IL provides buy, sell, and trade on quality Certified Pre-Owned unlocked phones and Xchange-Repai