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Curves Slowing Down?

Curves started with a big bang but many are now shutting down.

Before you open a fitness business you have to consider what the consumer needs. Location- Will this be easy for me to get to. How far is it from my job or home? Does it have cardio and strength training? You should do strength training every other day. Cardio you can do everyday. Taking a day off is okay. Curves circuit training says all you need is three times a week. I did it six times a week. It cost $39.00 a month. It is an investment to stay in good health.

A circuit for women only. Many women hate to go to a regular gym for personal reasons. In our busy society Curves filled a need. Today you see Curve's name on cereal boxes. It has been written the Curves name is just like Coke or Pepsi. Everyone knows their name.

They found a niche. No one at the time had circuit training that was simple enough for women to do. Age wasn't an issue. Women from their teens to their 70's or even older could do the work out.

I joined Curves five years ago. I was a member for three years.

I noticed that many popped up very fast. The only thing wrong was when I worked out at other Curves they were not the same. One club may have more machines than another club. I hated that.

When they first started expanding a Curves franchise didn't cost an arm and a leg. All you needed was a boom box and a woman saying on a tape, "Move to the next station." The equipment was hydraulic with stationary jogging between the machines. The weighing scale is nothing special. To measure fat you held a device in your hands. No whistles and bells. No showers. They had a dressing room and free towel service.

The Curves I went to was a gold mine. Thousands of people had to pass the intersection that led to highway 68 straight to Monterey, California. They had a huge sign that everyone saw. It was close to residential and condos. In a upscale part of town. A great location.

Their marketing was very cheap. I got a flyer that was home made on my front door. The flyer wasn't what made me join. It was that darn big sign I passed by everyday. I heard women talk about how much they loved it. It was convenient. I could work out, gas my car, pick up my clothes at the cleaners plus go to the grocery store in one hour. Location, convenience and it only cost me $39.00 a month..

Has the luster of the 30 minute circuit workout worn off? Time will tell.

I believe the problem Curves has today is they are selling too many clubs. In the city of Redmond, Washington there are two other cities close to each other. I know of two clubs within two miles of one another that went out of business. It is bad enough that there is competition with other fitness clubs but having to compete against each other is ridiculous. This may be the reason they are having problems. They went into business with a big bang and may go out with a big bang..

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