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Dunkin' Is Death, Claims Florida Health Dept Director

Doctor Jason Newsom, recently fired as Health Department director in Panama City Florida after posting a sign outside his county office declaring "America Dies On Dunkin", has applied for reinstatement.

The director of the Bay County Health Department had supposedly "resigned" on May 8, but in a recent interview with the local paper, the doctor said that he had been given a resignation letter and told that if he did not sign he would be terminated. The county commission held a hearing at which the doctor pledged to behave and a former employee sharply criticized the doctor's style of management. (Video: click here).

Previously Dr. Newsom had posted signs denouncing Kentucky Fried Chicken and signs claiming, "French Fries=Thunder Thighs." But the Dunkin' sign was the last straw for 2 local attorneys who owned the local Dunkin' franchise.

It did not help Dr. Newsom that one of the county commissioners also owned a diner and a donut shop.

Dr. Newsom might ask for a reference letter from Jon Luther, the Dunkin' Donuts chief who recently told Franchise Times that he didn't eat donuts due to fitness concerns, much to the annoyance of Dunkin' franchisees.

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