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Australian Bank Franchises Back In Court

A case involving ten former franchisees of the Bank of Queensland begins today in the New South Wales Supreme Court. The franchisees claim the franchisor used false and misleading earnings data to persuade them into signing up.

Court Decides For Bank of Queensland Franchisor

BoQJustice Buchannan in the Brisbane Federal Court of Australia has dismissed a claim by a former Bank of Queensland franchisee who alleged the bank misrepresented branch turnover. The bank suggested he was a poor performer.

Australian Bank Franchise Model Flawed

The community banking franchise model has been condemned claiming many are costing more than they generate for the communities which own them.

Bankers Cry Franchising Flawed

It’s turning ugly in Australian franchising when bank franchises close their doors and it has nothing to do with the global financial crisis.  Franchisees say the model is flawed and the parent Bank makes all the money while the community holds all the risk.