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Brand Engagement Trends for 2015

When it comes to trends and the future, there are three kinds of marketers. Those who let it happen. Those who make it happen. And those who wonder what happened!

Q: What Do You Do When Your Brand Gets Stale? A: Find a Fresh Recipe that Offers More than Just Product.

McDonald’s is desperately looking to change the image of their food – from unhealthy (and, apparently, unnatural) to something closer to how people see fast-casual restaurants, that have apparently been eating McDonald’s proverbial lunch!

Fan Favorite NFL Teams in 2014; Ray Rice Domestic Violence Hurts NFL

Anyone up on the news can't have missed the fact that the start of the National Football League's season was overshadowed by the release of a video of Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, punching his fiancée in the face. Wow. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct!

Odds for Academy Award and Ad Winners

The 86th Academy Awards being broadcast this Sunday, March 2nd often ranks as the second-most viewed TV event of the year. Last year viewership was up about 3 percent year-over-year.

Want to Make More Dough? Engage Like Domino's Pizza

How can I ignore this USA Today article, Eat McDonald’s for Three Months and Lose 37 Pounds?  It contains a few of the threads that tie together all the stuff that people are saying about diet and fast food.

Here are the bits that appealed to me:

Top 10 Most Engaging Brands of 2013 and How They Did It

“Brand engagement” is how well a brand meets expectations that consumers hold for what drives their behavior in the category where the brand competes.

What Do Consumers Expect?

It comes in different forms, with marketers wondering “What do consumers really want in my category?” “Will consumer want this?” “Will consumer buy it?” “Will consumers buy mine?”

Week 2 of Shutdown Slices Political Party Brand Scores: Dems -10%, GOP -17%

On the brand front in Shutdown Week #2, the Republican brand is taking the brunt of voter frustration. The brand’s engagement assessment – its ability to meet Republican voter expectations for their Ideal Political Party – got sliced another 5% this week.

Hyundai Tops 2013 in Engaging Brand Loyalty

Technology: Hyundai BlueLink indicators in the rear view mirror
Hyundai Bluelink telecommunication indicators in rear view mirror. photo/Hyundai

NEW YORK — Hyundai is ranked tops by consumers when it comes to automobile brand loyalty, according to an annual survey.

Hilton Ranks First in Upscale Hotel Loyalty

Hilton Dahab Resort and Spa, Egypt
Hilton Dahab Resort and Spa, Egypt (c) 2013 Hilton Hotels & Resorts

NEW YORK — Hilton is the pinnacle when it comes to customer loyalty in upscale hotels, edging out competitors Marriott and Hyatt.