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Which Brands are Most Patriotic?

With July 4th soon upon us, many marketers are readying to wrap their brands in the American flag and cue the marching bands.

Brand Engagement Trends for 2015

When it comes to trends and the future, there are three kinds of marketers. Those who let it happen. Those who make it happen. And those who wonder what happened!

Q: What Do You Do When Your Brand Gets Stale? A: Find a Fresh Recipe that Offers More than Just Product.

McDonald’s is desperately looking to change the image of their food – from unhealthy (and, apparently, unnatural) to something closer to how people see fast-casual restaurants, that have apparently been eating McDonald’s proverbial lunch!

Red Lobster Is in Hot Water with Consumers and Shareholders

It has been no secret in the restaurant world that Darden Restaurants has been trying to 86 their Red Lobster restaurant chain for a while now. It hasn’t been a secret to us either.

Sympathy for the Discount Devil

We hear the same thing over and over in our surveys: retailers’ business strategies are confounded by consumers’ continued price sensitivity. As much as retailers profess that they would love to ditch a constant downward spiral of promotions and deals in favor of more rational prices and competition based on products, quality, and service, they continue to rely heavily on said promotions in an apparently bottomless race to the bottom.

Marketers Need to Know How to Innovate

Reading GE CMO Beth Comstock’s HBR blog, Innovation Is Marketing’s Job, Too, some of Dr. Seuss’ advice that ran through my mind. Paraphrased, the good Doctor said, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to innovate, but you have to know how.”

Dickey’s Names Christie Finley CBO

Christie Finley, new chief brand officer. Photo/Dickey's

DALLAS -- Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. announced Christie Finley as its chief brand officer, a role the company has just established.

What Pizza Experts and Loyalists Say about Pizza Brands

Who are the real pizza experts out there? Sure, Pat Doyle of Domino’s, and Papa John’s John Schnatter spring to mind. But the biggest expert turns out to be a guy named Tom Vilsack.

Why Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Ads Are Off

Photo from Taco Bell commercial

A professor of marketing at the University of Southern California asks – Has Taco Bell lost its mind when it comes to its Ronald McDonald commercials? (See commercial below.)