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How to Be a Successful Restaurateur

Paul Hibler, whose Pitfire Artisan Pizza small chain has garnered attention and awards, such as from the American Institute of Architects for the design of its Culver City store, gives advice on how to be a restaurateur.

Dunkin' Donuts Expands to California

Dunkin' Donuts has opened its first full expression locations on the West Coast—in Modesto and Santa Monica, California. They offer beverages, sandwiches and baked goods, along with comfortable restaurant seating and free Wi-Fi.

Best Wishes for the Franchisee Community in California

The California fair franchising initiative will get another hearing tomorrow in Sacramento. The joint effort by participating franchisees and supporters of franchisees has been substantial and herculean.

Government Goes after Instant Tax Service Franchisees for Fraudulent Returns

Instant Tax Service
Window of an Instant Tax Service, photo/bmm

LOS ANGELES – As the deadline for filing tax returns is fast approaching, tax preparation companies are busy advertising their services to beat the competition.

9th Circuit Overturns Choice-Of-Law

Choice-of-law provisions may be void as a matter of public policy when determining if someone is an independent contractor or employee, says the Ninth Circuit.

Franchise Salesman Spammer Sanctioned

An advertising company purporting to work on behalf of Franchise Gator has been sanctioned by a California court.

Cheesy Employee Pockets Change

Police arrested a Burger King cashier who preyed on a disabled woman.

Play N Trade Franchisor Must Litigate In Snowy Minnesota

The controversial video game franchisor was sued for failure to pay the vendor supplying the franchisee training program.

Franchisor BP Can Keep Vendor Rebates

Judge Highberger strikes again. A California appellate court has upheld Highberger's ruling in favor of oil giant BP, permitting the franchisor of AMPM gas stations to keep debit card surcharges and vendor kickbacks.

E. Coli Meat Contamination Recall Expanded

A recall of E. coli-contaminated meat from a southern California meat processing plant has been expanded, bringing the total recall to nearly 6 million tons.