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Maine Senate Kills Franchise Protection Bill

Maine State Senator John Patrick and Senate President
Maine Sen. John Patrick (D-Rumford), LD1458 co-sponsor, & state Sen. Andre Cushing (R-Hampden), opponent, pose for Blue MauMau on day of LD1458 vote

AUGUSTA, Maine – On Wednesday Maine's state senate voted against Legislative Document 1458, the Small Business Investment Protection Act. In a vote of 24 against and only 10 supporting, the senators essentially killed the current form of the bill.

Oppose Minimum Wage Increases!

Two critical legislative issues are scheduled for votes this week. Please read the updates below and go to to express your concerns about an increase in minimum wage and the 30-hour full-time definition in the Affordable Care Act.

Calling All New Hampshire Franchisees

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) is reaching out to all franchisees in New Hampshire.  Representative Patrick Abrami (Stratham District) has sponsored HB 1215, The New Hampshire Small Business Investment Protection Act. 

Franchisors and Franchisees Face Off in November on Pennsylvania’s Franchise Protection Bill

Inside the Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda by Elizabeth Thomsen
Pennsylvania State Capitol rotunda by Elizabeth Thomsen

HARRISBURG, Penn.—An investment protection act for franchise owners, House Bill 1620, is being proposed in Pennsylvania. Franchisee associations are asking for support from Pennsylvania's franchise owners.

NFIB Announces Support of California’s Fair Franchising Bill

SACRAMENTO—The National Federation of Independent Business announced on Friday that it is supporting California's Senate Bill 610, a fair franchising amendment to California's existing Franchise Relations Act.

Inviting Franchisees to May 8 Briefing and then Maine's Senate Hearing

At the behest of Maine franchisees, the Coalition of Franchisee Associations is inviting all franchisees in the state to attend a special briefing on the morning of Wednesday, May 8 to prepare them for a hearing before Maine's state senators on the need to pass the Small Business Investment Protection Act.

Dunkin Franchisees Help Pass Mass. Health Cost Reform

Governor Patrick Deval
Photo from NECN video clip

BOSTON, Mass. — Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick on Monday, August 6, signed a health care cost amendment into law that the Dunkin' Donuts Independent Franchisee Association pushed for, along with the National Federation of Independent Business, the New England Convenience Store Association and the Restaurant and Business Alliance.

Franchise Groups Advocate Creating Franchisee Associations

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — On Thursday the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers sent an email to franchisees encouraging them to "achieve a win-win relationship with their franchisors" by forming an independent franchise association.

Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights Passes 1000 Endorsements

The Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights (UFBoR),, passed 1000 endorsements and ratifications today.  The UFBoR was released by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations last year as a fairness doctrine after input from many franchisee advocates. 

Dicks Tout Former Spying for Dunkin’

UPDATE: Dunkin' Replies
(click here, Jun 11, 2012 at 6pm ET)

Just when you thought Dunkin' has reformed, tales of former corporate spies have re-emerged. Private eye Michael Mershimer, who left Dunkin's employ years ago, says he was hired by the crafty franchisor to dig up the dirt on untrustworthy franchisees.