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KFC Replies to China Rumor Mill over Mutant Chickens

Chinese social media has circulated rumors that KFC has eight legged chickens. KFC's response, according to AdAge, has been with a carrot – joking about itself:

China Launches Nationwide Probe into 'Rotten Meat' Supplier to McD's, Yum

China, with what appears to be much publicity within the country, has launched a nationwide probe into OSI Group outlets.

"Live For Now" Stars Dead Icon

PepsiCo announced aggressive marketing plans, boosting ad spending by 20% and bringing back deceased pop icon Michael Jackson as part of a worldwide campaign.

McDonald's Targeted by China TV

People wisk by a Beijing McDonald's

People whisk by a Beijing McDonald's, photo/theroadisthegoal

The government-owned broadcaster made MCD the subject of this year's "World Consumer Rights Day."

Dunkin Intros Pork & Seaweed Donut

Shredded pork. Seaweed. In a Dunkin Donut. Seriously.

World Foodservice Sees Demand Sag

World foodservice demand, NPD
Source: The NPD Group/CREST, quarter ending June 2011

CHICAGO — As goes consumer confidence so goes the global foodservice industry. When consumer confidence sagged in the second quarter this year so did foodservice traffic in most countries around the world, according to The NPD Group, a market researcher.

Detroit Will Always Be A Triple-A City

Speaking to auto execs, Chysler/Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne warned:

The Little Gym Forms Joint Venture To Pave Entry Into China

New Shanghai Gym Is The First of 100 Units Targeted Within Five Years and 

China Boosts Giant Yum Brands Profits

For a number of years it’s been well known that Yum has received a huge revenue and income boost from its operations in China.

Chinese Workers Winning Substantial Wage Increases

Labor unrest is spreading across parts of China, with workers demanding higher wages and better working conditions.