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Taco Bell Pulled into Horse Meat Scandal

Horse meat is an expensive delicasy in Japan
Horse meat is an expensive delicacy in Japan. photo/taka

Remember the horse meat fiasco that hit Burger King way back in January? Well, it's struck again. This time it has found its way into Britain's Taco Bell.

Popeyes Gets N California and Minnesota Markets Due to Unreliability of KFC Corp

KFC logo taken by BMM
photo of KFC sign by BMM

KFC tried to rid itself of a 28-unit California and Minnesota franchise. Now it has its wish but not the way it wants.

KFC Sizzles in Developing World, Fizzles in Rich

Yum Brands headquarters in Louisville
Sunset last weekend at Yum Brands' world headquarters in Louisville, Ky.

CEO of Yum Brands David Novak is watching his home turf wither away while robustly exploiting the restaurant brands' advantages abroad.

Analysis Gives Grim Outlook for Yum Franchisees

Goldman Sachs chart of Yum franchises declining
Yum U.S. franchise closures accelerate, Chart: Goldman Sachs, Yum data

NEW YORK – Goldman Sachs, hired as a financial advisor by Yum Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), released an in-depth analysis of the fast food chain’s prospects in the developed world. And it isn’t pretty.

KFC Stunts Not Stopping Sales Slide

KFC is being eaten by its competitors, and it is struggling to figure out how to stop it.