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DLA Piper Picks Top 13 Franchise Cases for 2013

WASHINGTON – Law firm DLA Piper presented its top 13 franchise cases for 2013 last week. They reported on a selection of important court cases and decisions that they feel are shaping the legal relationship between franchisors and franchisees.

DLA Piper Weighs In on Latest “Relationship” Legislation

In the 1990s, we witnessed efforts by franchisee rights advocates to introduce federal franchise legislation to protect franchisee interests in their relationships with franchisors.

Jury Finds Craig O's Pizza Principal as Employer of Franchisee's Employee

AUSTIN – A district court upheld a jury’s finding that the principal of the Craig O’s Pizza chain was the employer of a former franchisee’s employee. The kitchen worker, employed from 2008 to 2011, sued the company’s owner under the Fair Labor Standards Act for not paying him minimum wage and overtime.

Top 12 Cases of 2012 through DLA Piper Eyes

WASHINGTON – Why should franchisees and their attorneys pay attention to the top 12 legal cases picked by one of the largest franchisor law firms?  Because these cases and rulings represent a growing trend in our business sector today, that which shapes the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. 

DLA Piper Will Drop Clients

The 4200 attorney firm has 15 franchise attorneys who may be shown the door as focus shifts to serving global corporate clients.

Federal Judge: Franchising Sounds Like Ponzi Scheme

Is franchising "a modified Ponzi scheme?" Last week, a federal judge said it might be.

DLA Piper Picks Top 9 Franchisor Lawsuits of '09

Courts affirm that franchisors need to disclose if officer felonies, even if it was stealing traffic cones as a prank
Coffee Beanery leader lands it in trouble by stealing cones, photo/iboydaniel

The Franchising Way to Grow

Industry leaders and consultants guide entrepreneurs on franchising and share the reasons for doing it. Oy vey, are franchisor wannabes on track for a train wreck, or what?