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Subway’s DeLuca Diagnosed with Leukemia

Subway sandwich shop co-founder and president Frederick DeLuca
Subway sandwich shops co-founder and president Frederick DeLuca. Feb 2012 photo provided by Subway to Blue MauMau

MILFORD, Conn. – An email to Subway development agents went out from Subway sandwich chain president and co-founder Fred DeLuca on Monday. Deluca has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Three-Quarters of 2013 Super Bowl Ads from Franchisors

Super Bowl 2013, Franchise vs Non-franchise related TV Ads
Data: American Association of Franchisees and Dealers

PALM DESERT, Calif. — Super Bowl XLVII was a blowout for franchising firms as the industry dominated the game's television advertising. A commanding 74% of Super Bowl commercials were from companies that franchised.

Subway Eats Competition's Lunch

A Baltimore Subway shop celebrates AnyTober $5 Footlong
A Baltimore Subway shopfront. photo/bluemaumau

LEXINGTON, Ky. — For all but two of the largest six players in the sandwich sector, the recession has not been kind. That's despite the sector growing 3 percent a year since 2007, according to market researcher Technomic Inc. In short, the biggest guy on the block got bigger.

Top Sandwich Chains Ranked by Shop Profits

The lit up sub sandwich store front

LEXINGTON, Ky. —This year's ranking by Blue MauMau, our first, lists average store profits of sandwich shops, showing some winners and losers in 2012. Yes, you read that right – store profits. Here are Blue MauMau's best store profit estimates, from trusted sources who know sub sandwich shops and quick service restaurants.

2010 Dysentery Outbreak At Subway Leads To Suits

41 lawsuits filed this week against a Chicago franchisee accuse him of bad sanitation causing widespread illness.

Franchisees Run Better Chains

Keith Miller, Subway multiunit franchisee

SACRAMENTO — Franchisee Keith Miller argues that franchise chains can outperform the competition when they put owner-operators in charge of national functions like marketing and the supply chain.  Want proof? Then look no further than America’s largest franchise chain by number of stores – Subway.

9:55 minutes (4.54 MB)

Pochron Puts Her Footlong In Mouth Again

A Subway attorney finds offers of soup and pizza to be "designed to cause confusion to the average consumer." Ms. Pochron has been a topic of amusement before on BMM, and once again she rises to the occasion.

Lazy Lawyer Loses Subway Case

Even a low burden of proof requires some effort.

Breakfast War!

Subway Breakfast
Subway's website announces breakfast nationwide. Click image to see tv ad.

Eggstra! Subway Breaks Into Bkfast

QSR behemoth Subway Sandwiches, owned by privately held Doctor's Associates Inc, will begin national advertising of the new breakfast program next week.