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How Dunkin' Plans To Attract Customers to Its Franchisees

Nigel Travis, CEO and chairman of Massachusetts-based franchisor Dunkin' Brands, speaks with Bloomberg about how the brand expects to attract more customers to its franchisees' businesses.

First Quarter GDP in U.S. Grows by Only 0.1%

WASHINGTON—Real gross domestic product for the United States increased by a sluggish 0.1 percent in the first quarter of 2014, according to an "advance" estimate by the Bureau of Ec

Failed Quiznos Franchisees Drag Maine Economy Down

Quiznos franchisees

PORTLAND, Maine - As Maine Quiznos franchisees fail miserably under a broken business model, some are questioning what detriment there will be to their state’s economy.

Debate: Fast Food to Give Birth to Labor Unions?

Economist Robert Reich says that fast food workers may be the next movement to unionize. He argues why its necessary. Other panelists are skeptical.

Will Sequester Cuts Affect Your Industry?

WASHINGTON — On Sunday's television news interviews, Republican leaders said that they would not relent on the sequestration of across the board automatic cuts that kicked in on March 1 as Congress remained deadlocked on budget cut decisions.

NADA: Economic Momentum Grows in 2013

Chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association Paul Taylor foresees sales momentum for new cars and lights trucks to grow more in 2013.

Retailers Report Strong January Sales Despite Payroll Tax Rise

NEW YORK — In further evidence that the economy's private sector is gaining steam, U.S. chain-store retailers sizzled in January, posting a gain of 4.5% compared to last year.

Sports Team Franchises To See Strong Growth; Fast Food Not So Much

Growth in professional sports franchises & key related industries

SANTA MONICA, Calif. —If you want to own a franchise, research shows that the boats rise a little faster for sports team owners. If you can afford one, professional sports team franchises will be one of the strongest growing sectors compared to other sectors tied to sports.

What Do Prices Know That You Don't?

Mike Munger asks that question in a great little video. He's a Duke professor; the school has made good progress since I was there.

Hotels Await Impact of Storm on Profits

Image of Super Storm Sandy by NOAA as it hits Eastern Seaboard
NOAA image of Superstorm Sandy, after hitting Eastern Seaboard

Superstorm Sandy looks likely to push down quarterly profits for national hotel chains and the travel industry. Sandy, which accounts for at least 56 storm deaths in the Eastern Seaboard as of Thursday morning, crippled much of the coastal areas of New Jersey and New York.