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Tim Horton’s Ruling may be a Cautionary Tale for Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owners

A Canadian court ruling involving Tim Hortons may be a cautionary tale for Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees. The case was brought by a group of Tim Horton’s franchise owners after they were forced to sell items at below cost and switch to more expensive pre-baked donuts from a supplier affiliated with the franchisor.

VIDEO: Franchisee Association Testifies to Massachusetts Lawmakers

Affiliates of Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Owners testified on June 29 at the beginning of a committee hearing regarding a fair franchising law sponsored by State Senator Brian A. Joyce.

Franchisees Win with Massachusetts Lawmakers

Past franchisee Jane Keegan testifies before Massachusetts' Committee on Community and Small Business that an unscrupulous franchisor took her retirement savings
Janet Keegan testifies a franchisor took her retirement and left her bankrupt

BOSTON — Franchisees and a few franchisor advocates gathered on June 29 to be heard at the Massachusetts’ Committee on Community and Small Businesses. In a filled room, franchisees plead with state senators and representatives to provide fundamental protection from wayward franchisors.

IFA Warns States Not to Interfere with Contracts

Statue of a man bridling a horse in front of the Federal Trade Commission
Statue of man bridling wild horse for commerce in front of FTC building, D.C.

BOSTON – Fair franchising legislation is being debated and discussed at the Massachusetts state capitol, with franchise industry insiders offering their input.