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Marketers, Consumers Want More Protein

CHICAGO — Consumers say they want more protein in their diets but 71 percent of them don't know the recommended daily amount they should be eating.

Visits Increase in Fine Dining Segment for Last Three Years

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Ruth’s Chris traffic comps in Q4 2013 increased 4.5%. Photo by BMM

CHICAGO — Here's the bad news first. Fine dining traffic declined by double-digits during the recession. But the good news is that visits have rebounded after the segment evolved to meet the needs of today's foodservice consumer.

U.S. Restaurant Count Limply Reaches 633,043

CHICAGO ─ The number of restaurants in the United States increased by less than one percent from a year ago.

The Blame Game

How can I ignore this USA Today article, Eat McDonald’s for Three Months and Lose 37 Pounds?  It contains a few of the threads that tie together all the stuff that people are saying about diet and fast food.

Here are the bits that appealed to me:

Shoppers Unwilling to Pay More for Non-GMO Products

GMO corn growing on Oahu
GMO corn field on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by BMM

CHICAGO — The labeling of genetically modified (GMO) food is at the center of debate across the country, but the decision to buy or not buy non-GMO food often is based on price.

Snack Bars See Double Digit Growth

Nutri-Grain snack bar

CHICAGO —A foodservice researcher says snack bars as a whole are seeing double-digit growth across foodservice channels. These portable bars – like Quaker Chewy, Nutri-Grain, Kashi, and Special K snack bars --that are touted as a partial meal replacement are increasingly popular.

Bundled Soup and Salads Are a Big Pull on Consumers

CHICAGO— Soup and salad are favorite and classics of the American diet.

The Next Big Food Thing

Way back in the 1980′s our insightful and creative chief industry analyst, Harry Balzer, observed that if a food manufacturer wanted their product to grow, they needed to think of a way to “put it on pizza.”

Somewhere in the World It's Coffee Time

We sit around and talk about the most arcane stuff here at the NPD Foodservice Global HQ. One thing that comes up a lot is coffee.

Consistency, Convenience Needed in Takeout

Carry out or dine in
photo by bmm

CHICAGO—51 percent of consumers report that they order takeout at least once a week, according to a recent finding by foodservice researcher Technomic.