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LunchBOX (A WAXING SALON) Opening November 1 in Scottsdale, Arizona


Contact:                 Jamie Dillon

Ms. Box Readies for Jersey


Contact:                 Jamie Dillon

Jared Fogle Defeats Michelle Obama

A Colorado school district has forfeited $150,000 per year in federal aid because the students demanded Subway sandwiches.

The Greene Turtle Signs 11-Unit Development Agreement For New Jersey

Deal With Imperial Restaurant Group Will Bring the Popular Sports Bar and Grille to the Southern Half of the Garden State, Another Strategic Step Toward Expansion Throughout the Northeast

Don’t Get Blocked by LEGO

STEM education franchising is a hot growing sector. Are you considering a franchise in this category and want to maximize your return on investment?

Fifth Circuit Blocks Franchisee Employee's Effort to Treat Franchisor as His "Employer" under the FLSA

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal recently held in Orozco v. Plackis that a franchisor was not liable to a franchisee employee for alleged minimum wage and overtime violations because the franchisor was not an "employer" under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA").

Burgers Out Breasts In as Invasion Looms

A shirtless Vladimir Putin rides a horse

Vladimir Putin riding a horse. Photo from Jetimentat44

Writing in The Week magazine, Theunis Bates recalls Thomas Friedman's Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, which posits that nations which have a McDonald's outlet will not go to war with each other.