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Quiznos' Attorney Shows Lack of Transparency in Settlement

On the day Quiznos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, outside counsel Fredric ‘Ric’ Cohen declared to a popular magazine for franchising readers, “Vindication. It’s vindication,” seeming to say that his client was exonerated in settling the last 13 franchisee lawsuits.

Does Disclosing An Item 19 FPR Really Matter?

As more franchisors make an Item 19 financial disclosure a key question is: Does this growing trend impact the franchise industry and if so how?

Ohio Passes Law to Protect Franchisees

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio has passed a law that goes beyond many other states in its attempt to curb abusive franchising practices. The revised Ohio Business Opportunity Law protects the state's franchisees' right to sue a franchisor for false or untimely disclosure, ensures that Ohio law reigns supreme and attempts to safeguard that disputes be resolved in Ohio, not elsewhere.

Remembering Pioneer Tom Murphy of Continental Franchise Review

Franchise consultant and founder of the Continental Franchise Review newsletter Tom Murphy died a week ago last Saturday at age 93, after a short illness. Having known Tom for almost 30 years, I seldom imagined a time that he would no longer be a part of my life in franchising.

Understanding Item 20 of a Franchise Disclosure Document

If you're thinking about purchasing a franchise, pay close attention to the franchise disclosure document (FDD)—the large document that contains disclosures about the franchisor and franchise system. 

ABCs of FDDs: Item 18, Public Figures

Have you ever bought a product or service because a celebrity endorsed it? I'd like to think that I bought my last pair of Wrangler jeans because they were a better value and fit than anything Levi's had to offer.

Top Online Franchise Resources

The Internet is a great place to research and learn about franchising. There are many websites, blogs, and ezines filled with franchising news and information. There’s so many good franchise resources, in fact, that the sheer amount of information available may become overwhelming (yes, we’re officially in the “Too Much Information Age”).

500+ Current Items 19s Available for $1.44 Each

The Great Unknown:Whether you are a franchisor, a prospective franchisee, or a supplier of services to the industry, everyone in franchising wants to know "How Much Can I M

Minorities in Franchises

The National Minority Franchising Initiative and the World Franchising Network have conducted a survey on minorities in franchising for USA Today - Franchising Today for the past six years. The articles have been titled "50 Top Franchises for Minorities."

Keeping Your Franchise Search Options Open

One of the most important lessons that I've taught my daughters is that it's always better to have options in the pursuit of any goal. Many times during my career I have applied for jobs that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted. But I always wanted to be the one in the position to say no.