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E-Cigarette Firm Rejects Franchising to Avoid Fee Scams

Clearette electronic cigarette NEW YORK - One of the fastest growing electronic cigarette companies in the country weighed its options of going with a franchise business model or an independent distributorship. In terms of dollars and risks, the latter won hands down.

Judge Rules for BP Despite Fraud against Franchisees

A BP station in Midwest U.S.
Judge rules bad faith by franchisor in deceiving BP franchisees is irrelevant

CHICAGO – A Cook County circuit judge ruled in favor of BP Products North America Inc on all counts brought by two franchisees claiming the oil giant defrauded them. But the judge’s ruling came in spite of finding BP intended to deceive the owners when they purchased their stations by concealing its fuel margins.

A History of Small Business Neglect

What do Australian small business ministers do? “Typically, nothing.”  The FCA’s Stephen Giles chimes in to support his long history of ministerial collaboration.

How to Spot a Liar

Investing hundreds of thousands in a business? That's a lot of incentive for a seller to be dishonest.

Be Wary of Franchise Churning

Don't be a victim of churning, a type of franchise fraud. Consult a franchise attorney before you invest in a franchise. The FBI website explains franchise churning:

Criminal Charges Dropped against Rent-A-Husband

Rent-A-Husband's CEO Kaile Warren (right) with attorney (left)
Rent-A-Husband's CEO Warren with attorney Lilley /WCSH6 video

PORTLAND, Maine – Eighteen days prior to trial, the Attorney General’s Office dismissed all criminal charges with prejudice effective immediately against Kaile Warren, Jr. and his Rent-A-Husband company in light of evidence.

Lessons Learned from Franchise Litigation

QSR Magazine draws lessons from the franchise tumult over the last decade of a few memorable franchisee lawsuits against franchisors.

Court Says Cartridge Franchise Nothing of Value

Attractive store hours of a Caboodle Cartridge franchise
Attractive store hours: doors of a Caboodle Cartridge franchise. photo/bmm

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The California Court of Appeals upheld the trial court decision that Daniel Wencel, founder and president of Caboodle Cartridge, is liable for $90,000 for making false statements that allured franchisees into a valueless area directorship.

PMD Sues over IRS-Invalid Pension Plan

FRANKLIN COUNTY, OH – After years of courtroom battles with its dealers and licensees over alleged bait-and-switch tactics and fraud claims, Power Marketing Direct, Inc. (PMD) is taking on some new unsuspecting opponents, life insurers and financial planners.