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Exclusive Territory: How It Affects Franchises

Have you ever wondered why you never see a franchise business within a certain mileage of another business from the same franchisor?

California Senate Sends Fair Franchising Bill to Gov. Brown

Sacramento dome from the inside
Inside view of Sacramento capitol dome. photo/KatieCarr

SACRAMENTO—The California state senate voted 23 - 9 late Thursday in favor of SB 610, a bill that strengthens franchisor good faith relations with franchisees. It is now ready for Governor Jerry Brown's signature to become law.

Baloney, Big Macs, the NLRB and Franchise Advocacy

A column last week in the Los Angeles Times, entitled “The NLRB-McDonald's Ruling Could Be the Beginning of a Franchise War” is another example of how top franchise industry ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ too frequently lack sufficient knowledge about the facts and theories they are discussing.

Showdown in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Like a strong marriage, a strong franchise relationship must be built on shared success. In the end, no relationship is likely to work out when one side holds all the cards.

Six Books Every Franchise Regulator and Lawmaker Should Read

Bait, bankruptcy, balance, plunder, partiality and power are six words that describe half a dozen must-read books for franchise regulators and lawmakers. Every regulator, lawmaker and even owner-operator who wants to understand the franchise legal environment that they work in should read these.

Franchisor Control of Social Media Protects Value

Many franchisees purchase strong brands and depend upon the training, leadership, branding and ongoing support provided by the franchisor.

If You’re Buying a Franchise, Having the Right Attorney Is Crucial

Purchasing a franchise is an important decision. People will use their life savings, a home equity loan or borrow money from family members to fund the franchise.

How Much Can a Franchisee Win?

Franchisees often ask how much they can win in a lawsuit with a franchisor. The answer depends on many factors, including the type of wrong the franchisor committed and the nature of the loss you sustained.

Can Restaurant Chains Protect Recipes?

When business partners in the restaurant industry part ways—sometimes as co-owners of a restaurant, sometimes as franchisor and franchisee—the issue frequently arises whether recipes used in the business belong to one of the parties and whether that party can prohibit the other, or anyone else, from using them.

Why Signatures Matter in Disclosure Documents

 When delivering a disclosure document in Ontario, a franchisor must include a certificate certifying it contains no false information, representations or statements, and includes every material fact, financial statement and other information required by the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (the “Certificate”).