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Noble Roman's Still Pursuing Franchisees

Pursing phantom royalties from defunct franchisees and pursuing franchise fees from new applicants, Noble Roman's (OTC: NROM) is a puzzling case study in franchising.

American Bar "Wizards" Wish for Franchise Law Reform

Attorney Spandorf presents to American Bar Association that statutory law of good faith is needed

ORLANDO –Not all wizards are known for their magical powers. Some are identified by their skill and knowledge about a particular topic, said Joseph J Fittante, Jr., moderator of this year's American Bar Association's 36th Forum on Franchising plenary session, in introducing this year's annual meeting of franchise lawyers.

S Korea Adopts Strong Relationship Law Protecting Franchisees

SEOUL, S. Korea -  While franchisees in the United States struggle to get new legislation passed to balance fairness in franchising between the parties, the South Korean government took it upon itself to protect its franchise owners with a new law.

Why Franchise Legislation? The Need for Statutory Duty of Franchisor Competency

One would think that franchisors should owe a duty of competency to their franchisees. After all, franchises are sold on the very idea that their franchise system excels in its particular business.

Franchise Models Are Broken!!!

As you all know, I'm a relatively new franchisee, even though my family has been in this industry and real estate development since the 50's and have a combined operational experience of more than 200 locations in Southern California and abroad under various brands.

Seismic Shift in Franchisees Seeking Balance

The drafters of the bill of rights for franchisees
Drafters of the Bill of Rights for franchisees, Orlando/ bmm

ORLANDO — There is a seismic shift under way in how franchisees approach balance in franchisee/franchisor relationships. It is a multi-pronged strategy headed by the three-year-old Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) that utilizes market forces, collective bargaining and possible legislation.

Video: Expert Says Simplify the Legalese

Alan Siegel, one of the leading authorities on branding and business communication, reminds businesses and the legal community of the need to communicate in plain English.

IFA Chairwoman: Health Care Bill No Help

IFA Chairwoman Dina Dwyer-Owens urges a U.S. House Committee to continue tax breaks, Sep 30
IFA Chairwoman Dina Dwyer-Owens at House Committee, Sep 30, photo/IFA

Franchise Growth Threatened, Congress Urged to Act on Bailout

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Blue MauMau) - A franchise trade association as well as small business leaders are increasingly vocal in urging Congress to approve a bailout plan for the financial markets in hopes of bringing stability to the franchise industry. Others urge caution.

Australia's Parliament Calls for More Franchise Legislation Ahead of Inquiry

Barely days after the High Court handed-down its decision in the Ketchell case, the franchise sector faces renewed political pressure for increased legislation from Federal Parliament itself.