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California Franchise Bills Draw Mixed Opinions

SACRAMENTO - Two franchise bills, Assembly Bills 2637 and 1782, seem to be moving through the California legislature with little fanfare and opposition.

Area Developer

A development area is the territory in which the area developer will locate its franchise units. You need to make sure that the franchisor gives you exclusive rights to the development area so that the franchisor cannot open company-owned units or grant a franchise to another party within your development area.

Fitness Franchisors Avoid Franchise Regulations

LOS ANGELES – America’s health and fitness craze has generated a $78 billion revenue worldwide, according to First Research, a leading provider of market analysis tools for various industries.

Six Books Every Franchise Regulator and Lawmaker Should Read

Bait, bankruptcy, balance, plunder, partiality and power are six words that describe half a dozen must-read books for franchise regulators and lawmakers. Every regulator, lawmaker and even owner-operator who wants to understand the franchise legal environment that they work in should read these.

Auto Dealerships: Franchising in a Heavily Regulated Industry

Automobile dealerships were the first type of legally recognized and regulated franchises. In fact, in 1937 Wisconsin enacted the first state law protecting car dealers from wrongful termination and non-renewal.

Indonesia's New Franchise Regulation for Modern Store Businesses

The Indonesia Trade Ministry has recently issued the Trade Minister Regulation No. 68/2012 on Franchise for Modern Store Businesses. According to Trade Deputy Minister Bayu Krisnamurthi the Regulation was signed on October 29, 2012.

California Senate Confirms Jan Lynn Owen as Dept of Corporations Commissioner

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California State Senate voted on Monday to confirm the appointment of Jan Lynn Owen as Commissioner of the California Department of Corporations.

Regulating Franchising


Lexington, Ky. — Law professor Elizabeth Crawford Spencer argues that more intelligent regulation is needed to address franchising abuse, a message that is gaining traction in the franchise world. Why? Spencer explains that having no regulation or having a hodgepodge of regulation results in costly market inefficiencies.

NASAA Changes Requirements for Franchise Model Exemptions

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), the group of regulators overseeing state franchise disclosure, has just closed its window for public comment on May 16 for proposed changes to model franchise exemptions.

Australian Consumer Protection To Be Extended To B2B Contracts

The Federal Shadow Minister for Small Business has committed the Liberal National Party to introduce consumer protection to B2B contractual relationships following the 2013 election. Given that Australians are generally looking to throw out the current government, there is an air of optimism in franchisee ranks.