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Seeking Balance in Franchise Relationships

No relationship is perfect. It doesn't matter whether the relationship is personal, business or institutional. There are always going to be both good things and bad things about any relationship.

GM Strikes Back at NH Dealers, Cites New Disclosure Law

General Motors has informed auto dealers in New Hampshire the franchisor "will not offer any new dealer sales programs in New Hampshire."

The Days of High Upfront International License Fees Are Over

A number of years ago certain franchisors that franchised internationally had a practice of trying to get the highest licensing fee as possible upfront.

Be Likeable Says Red Mango Founder

Red Mango's David Kim (center)
Franchisees Dave and Jen Rothberg with founder Dan Kim (center)

DALLAS – How do you bring an international brand to the U.S., open more than 170 franchised stores in a credit crisis, win loyal customers for repeat business across North America, and earn the #1 Zagat rating in today's economy? "Be likeable," answers Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango Inc.

Service Station Dealers Support AB 2305

The Service Station Franchisee Association (SSFA) supports California's Assembly Bill 2305, "The Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act of 2012." According to the association, more than 700 of its members live and own/operate service stations in California.

California Assemblyman Pleased with Progress of Bill to Curb Franchising Abuse

Assemblymember Jared Huffman reads remarks to Judicial Committee for passage of fair franchise bill
Huffman  urges Committee to approve AB2305. It won a 6-3 vote. (photo/Raja)

SACRAMENTO — One of the two Assemblymembers who introduced California’s fair franchising bill spent a few minutes on the phone with Blue MauMau shortly after Bill 2305 was passed by the Judiciary Committee Tuesday afternoon. 

California's "Level Playing Field for Small Business" Act of 2012 (AB 2305)

Was there ever a more appropriately-named state bill? The franchise playing field needs to be leveled because most franchise agreements are sharply one-sided in favor of franchisors who have the arbitrary power to:

A Franchise Fable

One fine day, a franchisor, an area developer, and some franchisees decided to build a franchise system together. They found many good locations and built a number of great units.

A Network Designed to Hear

chief operating officer Bill Dunn and chief customer officer Scot Crain of franchisor Auntie Anne's

PODCAST — Soft pretzel chain Auntie Anne's is engaged in a franchisee love affair. Satisfaction among its 300-plus franchise owner-operators is second to none in franchising.

5:01 minutes (2.01 MB)

U.S. Court Tosses Auto Dealers Day in Court Act Claim

The United States District Court for the Central District of California recently granted summary judgment on the plaintiffs' Automobile Dealer's Day in Court Act ("ADDCA") claim related to an alleged constructive termination of a Hyundai dealership.