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Getting Franchisee and Small Business Concerns Heard in the Political Process

Big business places strong importance on lobbying and moving government officials for their benefit.

Who Has the Keys to Wreaking Havoc on Your Business?

Business owners often have not thought through and taken action on the danger to their business's digital data from insiders. The consequences of this neglect can be devastating.

Are Franchisors Inching Toward a Cliff? How Much Control Is Enough?

It seems to be human nature to want to stand as close to danger as possible—believing you have a solid footing to avoid falling over.  This is demonstrated by recent news reports of people dying while taking “selfies”, including one couple who tumbled off a cliff together in front of their young children.

Early Franchisee's Long John Silver's Story

Richard Levitt, 84, became a Long John Silver's franchisee along with his brother-in-law Ed Glazer 41 years ago. Eventually he and his family owned 31 units that did quite well.

Subway's Giving Away Free Subs. Who's Paying?

Subway is giving away coupons good at certain locations for a free foot-long sub with the purchase of a 21-ounce soda.

A Minimum Wage For Franchisees?

In the national debate surrounding the minimum wage, advocates on both sides of the issue use small franchised businesses like sandwich shops as example of small businesses that will be affected by an increased minimum wage. Opponents argue that these businesses are operating on thin margins and claim any increase in the minimum wage would be disastrous.

A Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owner Had His Business Taken Away from Him in 2009

Stan Furash was operating two Dunkin’ Donuts franchises in Bradenton, Florida when, in 2009, Dunkin’ terminated his franchise agreement.

A Thorough FDD Review & Consultation is a Bargain

We spend a lot of time counseling clients who invested in an unsuccessful franchise without ever consulting an attorney.

NASAA’s Proposed Multi-unit Commentary Clarifies Key Terms

The Franchise and Business Opportunity Project Group of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) recently released a proposed commentary on multi unit franchise arrangements.

McDonald's Multi-Unit Owner Video Interview

Victor Lim, franchise owner of six McDonald's restaurants in Hawaii, talks to Malia Zimmerman of Hawaii Reporter about his career, his family's help in making his franchise business a success, his hope to pass it on to his children and community good works.