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McDonald's Franchisees Dissed by Investment Publication

A writer at an online investment publication, looking at McDonald's from the shareholders' point of view, wonders out loud if franchisees are not McDonald's "real problem."

Franchise Grade's 2016 Top 500 Franchises

The franchise industry is replete with rankings, including rankings of the top 100, 200, 300 and 500 franchises. Some of these rankings are based upon revenue, while others use system size and new franchisee outlet growth as the key determinants. One common thread that runs through these rankings is that the methodology tends to be simplistic and limited.


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Stressed Franchisees Struggling with McDonald's All-Day Breakfast

While McDonald's says that all-day breakfast is the number one request from customers, a survey of franchisees shows making that a reality is an ongoing frustrating struggle. 

McDonald's to Serve All-Day Breakfasts Starting Next Month

McDonald's has announced that franchisees voted last week to start offering breakfast items all day and that the vote was affirmed yesterday by a franchisee leadership council.

Why the Franchise Industry Can't Solve the U.S. Wage Problem

Raising the minimum wage in certain industries won't change the economic realities of what's causing the problem.

The Reason Small Businesses Are Turning to Online Lenders

Online lending to small businesses is exploding. Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University and author of several books on entrepreneurship, explains why.

Leading Brand Franchisees Way Up in Price

These days coveted top brand franchisees are selling for considerably more than they used to. Those of struggling brands continue at lower prices.

IFA Loses Seattle $15 Wage Hike Lawsuit

Strike for $15
Workers protest for $15 wages in Detroit. Photo from PR firm BerlinRosen

SEATTLE – While Seattle became the first city in the nation to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour in order to reduce income inequality, some in the franchise community opposed it. They objected that they would be treated as large employers and not as independent small businesses. They protested how non-franchised small businesses would reap the benefits of a delay in increases of minimum wage, a delay that franchises would not reap.

Why the Franchise Industry Needs to Increase Franchising Education Activities

Ashley Stewart, Staff Writer for the Puget Sound Business Journal writes on a proposal to implement a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, Washington. To describe the implications of this proposal on small businesses and especially franchisees Stewart uses the example of Subway franchisee, Matthew Hollek.