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After Worst Drop since 2003, McDonald’s Vows to Change

photo by ps

OAK BROOK, Ill. – In the aftermath of what analysts are calling its worst drop in same-store sales in over a decade, McDonald's vows that it will change. McDonald's Corporation announced last Tuesday that its U.S. same-restaurant sales were down 3.3 percent for the third quarter of 2014.

McDonald’s Hit Hard in August, Down 3.7%

The wall of a McDonald's in Bronx
A McDonald's in northeastern U.S.| photo/ps

OAK BROOK, Ill. – McDonald's Corporation this morning announced that its U.S. same-restaurant sales decreased 2.8 percent in August, the fourth month of consecutive sales drops.

As McDonald's Sales Slide, Franchisees Seek Action

A red convertable at a McDonald's drive-thru
There's not only a missing customer, but drive-thru speed has slowed at McDonald's. Photo by Thomas Hawk

OAK BROOK, Ill. – McDonald's Corporation last week announced disappointing results for its first quarter ending March 31, 2014. McDonald's same restaurant sales in the United States decreased 1.7 percent.

Quote of the Year

“There are many franchisors who continue to be registered in California [with the state government, allowing them to sell  franchises] despite having pages of disclosures about concluded litigation holding them liable for fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent conversion, or misappropriation of property.”

McDonald’s July Sales Beat Flat Expectations

Golden Arches in New York City

OAK BROOK, Ill.—McDonald's Corporation on Thursday announced that U.S. comparable sales for stores opened at least 13 months were slightly better than the grim expectations.

McDonald's Healthy Items Fail Wall Street Expectations

McDonald's Corp.The good news this morning is McDonald’s stock rose four percent in its second-quarter earnings. The bad news is it fell short of Wall Street expectations.

Supersizing Better Burger Chains Today

Wimpy eyes some hamburgers, actually someone at Halloween impersonates Wimpy
A Wimpy costume at Halloween. photo by atxryan

Like J. Wellington Wimpy of Popeye fame, franchisors will gladly pay investors Tuesday for better burgers today. Private equity firms are stumbling over themselves to pour money into better burger chains.

Fatburger CEO Says Found Way around ObamaCare

West Coast-based Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn, who went to prison in the mid-2000s for concealing massive loan losses and a Ponzi-like scheme with investment firm Capital Consultants, has just appeared on television's business station CNBC at 3:30 p.m. EST. Wiederhorn says his franchise owners have found a way around ObamaCare requirements.

Disclaimers Do Not Bar Franchisee Claims of A&W Violating Franchise Law

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A federal court has ruled that the disclaimers in A&W’s franchise disclosure documents given to a franchisee when buying his franchise do not bar his counterclaim that A&W violated the Minnesota Franchising Act when giving him untrue statements and financial projections.

CKE Restaurants Pulls IPO

Bull on Wall Street eludes CKE Restaurants desire for an IPO
Bull on Wall Street eludes CKE Inc

CARPINTERIA, Calif. — CKE Inc announced this evening that it is pulling its initial public offering because of poor market conditions.