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Differences in Attitude Can Make or Break a Company

In my career, I have attended probably several hundred professional conferences and meetings. Some of these were local or state hospitality associations, many were brand related and others were for specialized development for my team or myself.

Meet Heinrich Morio, Head of the World's Most Luxurious Hotel

A stay at the Burj Al Arab (translation: Tower of the Arabs) in Dubai can run up to nearly $19,000 per night.

Asking Hotels for Half-Day Rates

Want a hotel for just a couple of hours, such as to freshen up before an important meeting, and wondering if you can get a lower rate since you won't be spending the night?

San Diego Hoteliers Want Higher Hotel Tax

Hoteliers want to pay more tax? Unheard of! Or is it? And are the hotels paying the tax? Or is it their guests? And if it's a tax, why do so many people want to call it a fee?

Seoul Pioneers World's First Smart Hotel Key

Coming soon to the U.S.?

America’s Best Franchising Opens Fourth Hotel in China


October 19, 2012    

Engaging Hotel Guests through Pinterest

Lodging Interactive and CoMMingle are helping hotels increase their visibility on the hot, new online bulletin board; From creating accounts and developing boards to pining and re-pining pho

Built to Last, New York's Century-Old Hotels

Author and hotel consultant Stanley Turkel
Traymore Hotel of Atlantic City, N.J. was built in 1879. Photo posted by ibsut

Hotel consultant and author Stanley Turkel speaks about thirty-two hotels in New York that were built to last.

9:56 minutes (3.98 MB)