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U.S. Workers Rally Troops Globally for $15 Wage

NEW YORK - A group of McDonald's restaurant employees from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are on a mission to eight countries to enlist fast-food workers, unions and elected officials in support of the global movement for higher pay and union rights.

IFA Releases Progress Report on VetFran Program

U.S. Department of Defense
Future veteran U.S. Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Donald Taylor inspects a brake line on his tablet. Photo: Dept of Defense

The International Franchise Association released its 2014 Veterans in Franchising progress report for this Veterans Day. After launching its Operation Enduring Opportunity (OEO) program in January 2011, as part of its VetFran Program, the organization set the lofty goal of 80,000 veterans by 2014.

States Offer Equity Protection, Regardless of “No-Equity Contracts” that Bryant Uses

At the last the New England Franchise Association meeting, Tim Bryant of Preti Flaherty stated that franchisee equity was not part of the franchise deal.

U.S. Franchise Unit Turnover Rate Is 122 Percent

A shuttered Cold Stone Creamery franchise
A shuttered Cold Stone Creamery franchise. Photo/bmm

WASHINGTON – New research shows that the turnover rate for franchise outlets in the United States over the last four years from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2013 is 122 percent, with more leaving than opening. The good news for the industry is that franchise outlets have grown at a pace just shy of one percent a year since 2010, according to disclosure filings.

California’s Governor Brown Vetoes Franchisee Bill

SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown announced Monday afternoon that he has vetoed Senate Bill 610. The bill updated the California Franchise Relations Act so that the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing as stipulated in California law could not be waived in a franchise contract and a franchise could not be frivolously terminated unless there was a "substantial and material breach" of the franchise contract.

BrightStar Hides Litigation with Convicted Felon Franchisee

Elderly man walks with aid down boardwalk
A man walks alone down a boardwalk with the aid of a walker. BrightStar franchisees take care of the sick & elderly. Photo: MTSOfan

GURNEE, Illinois – While juggling various lawsuits brought by franchisees against the company and its owner, BrightStar executives and legal counsel have bucked the law by not disclosing litigation between franchisor against franchisee in its franchise disclosure documents (FDD).

Buying a Franchise is Riskier than Ever

risk, high wire walk in owning a franchise

Critics, including this journal, say that buying a franchise is riskier than ever, that the reality of the franchise system is often purposefully and skillfully hidden and that it is easier to fail nowadays once you plunge in.

500 Fast-Food Workers Arrested during Protest

Fast-food demonstrators who are asking for $15/hour minimum wage are arrested in Detroit
Fast-food demonstrators arrested in Detroit. photo/D15

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of fast food workers were arrested Thursday after they walked off their jobs at restaurants across the country to take part in peaceful demonstrations, demanding higher wages from companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s.

California Franchisees Ask for a Better Franchise Law


California franchisees are speaking up in online and radio commercials, asking for support of Senate Bill 610, which affords better protection to franchisees. The bill will soon be brought up for a vote in California's state assembly.

Fitch Says Labor Board Ruling Won’t Impact Franchising

NEW YORK – Fitch Ratings, one of the big three credit rating agencies, has issued a statement that it does not anticipate that the National Labor Relations Board's ruling that giant McDonald's Corporation is a "joint employer" will change the economics of franchising.