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Basic Tax Preparation for Small Business Owners

Russell Fox offers some tax preparation tips to small business owners. He owns Clayton Financial & Tax in Las Vegas and is the author of a newly published book, Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner.

New IRS Crackdown on Small Businesses

The IRS and the Department of Labor are running a new small business crackdown on owners who misclassify employees as independent contractors, says Fox Business News.

Easier Home-Office Deduction Tax Form

The IRS has announced that starting in 2014 when it is time to file 2013 business tax returns, business owners will have an easier short form to calculate home-office deductions.

Tip Reporting Major Issue for Restaurant Owners

"The single most important issue facing restaurant owners today, and the absolute bane of their existence, is the handling of tips," says Rick Casmass, VP of sales for a restaurant payroll service.

Restaurateurs, 50 Percent Bonus Depreciation Available in 2008 and 2009

According to CCH, the Internal Revenue Service Chief Counsel has concluded that qualified restaurant property and qualified retail improvement property are eligible for fifty percent bonus depreciation in both 2008 and 2009.

Govt Invites Comments on Health Care

Small business owners have until June 17 to comment on the shared responsibility provision of the health care law passed last year.

Top Tax Tips

Image of IRS Form 1120S for Corporate Sub-chapter S companies

The Obama administration and last year’s Congress have provided new tax savings for small businesses.

Business Anxiety Growing over Obamacare

The provisions mandated by the new U.S. health care law are causing deepening worry among business owners and executives as their implementation draws closer.

PMD Sues over IRS-Invalid Pension Plan

FRANKLIN COUNTY, OH – After years of courtroom battles with its dealers and licensees over alleged bait-and-switch tactics and fraud claims, Power Marketing Direct, Inc. (PMD) is taking on some new unsuspecting opponents, life insurers and financial planners.

California Sues Tax Lady Roni Deutch for $34M

California sues tax lady Roni Deutch for $34M, alleges tax services a scam
Founder Roni Deutch photo on front web page of Roni Deutch Tax Service