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Going International? Don’t Forget One Important Thing

Franchisors that are considering exporting their franchise concept to other countries are advised to prepare by following a checklist of key items.

Fears for Japan

ReactorsThe Three Mile Island catastrophe was a partial core meltdown in one nuclear reactor and reached a severity rating of 5 on an international scale of 7. Chernobyl was a 7. Fukushima has hit 6 and while specialist teams are working to divert further disaster it seems little confidence is coming out of Japan.

Domino's Sets Wage Record

Wages in Japan are high, but $31,000 an hour is still a record.

Why We Sold Our Kumon Franchise

David Joseph, former Kumon tutoring franchisee, writes of his experience with the franchise and why he sold it.

7-Eleven Japan Reduces Royalties from Profits

A bento, sold in Seven-Eleven Japan stores, has a short shelf life. Photo/Richy