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Noble Roman's Still Pursuing Franchisees

Pursing phantom royalties from defunct franchisees and pursuing franchise fees from new applicants, Noble Roman's (OTC: NROM) is a puzzling case study in franchising.

McDonald’s Lawsuit is Part of a Major Strategy. Where Will it End?

This article from New York Newsday sheds light on reports regarding lawsuits and protests against McDonald’s franchisees, corporate operated locations and McDonald's corporation.

Versatile Ramen Riding Popularity Wave in U.S.

Ramen, a staple in Japan for over a century and a highly popular dish there even today, is on a roll in the U.S.

Nevada Sued by California Private Eye over New Licensing Law

Troy Castillo, a private eye based in Palm Springs, California, says a  law passed last year by the Nevada state legislature that stops out-of-state investigators from doing business there is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

District Judge Rejects Suit against Hotel Chains and Reservation Websites

Days after investigations in the U.K. and Switzerland into agreements between hotel chains and online travel companies (OTCs) that set minimum prices for hotel rooms became public knowledge, class action lawsuits were filed in the U.S. alleging federal and state law violations.

EEOC Files Suit over Employer Use of Criminal Background Checks

In an opening salvo following its recently revised enforcement guidelines, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has filed suit against two major employers, a national retail chain and an international automobile manufacturer. It alleges the companies used criminal background checks to disproportionately exclude African-Americans from their workforces.

Settlement of EEOC Lawsuit Against Wendy's Franchisee Offers Lesson

A Wendy’s franchisee’s settlement this week of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) lawsuit, brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), highlights both the increased aggressiveness of the federal agency toward fast food restaurants as well the need for employers to engage in an interactive process with job applicants and employees to make reasonable accommodations under the ADA.

2010 Dysentery Outbreak At Subway Leads To Suits

41 lawsuits filed this week against a Chicago franchisee accuse him of bad sanitation causing widespread illness.

The Employee with the Dragon Tattoo

Small business and franchise owners, here are important employment law tips for handling a new generation of employees.

Wireless Toyz, CEO Barbat Prevail in Frivolous Franchise Law Suit

Justice has prevailed.  Wireless Toyz, Joe Barbat its founder and CEO, Richard Simtob and Jack Barbat have prevailed in a frivolous lawsuit filed by a disgruntled franchisee.