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Noble Roman's Still Pursuing Franchisees

Pursing phantom royalties from defunct franchisees and pursuing franchise fees from new applicants, Noble Roman's (OTC: NROM) is a puzzling case study in franchising.

Court Rules Meineke Entitled to Franchisee's Lost Earnings

The Fourth Circuit this month sided with a franchisor in its efforts to recover prospective damages under North Carolina law, including lost profits, from a franchisee which it had terminated. 

Radisson Wins Arrears Plus Liquidated Damages

Liquidated damages and arrearages are not mutually exclusive remedies.

Hotel Franchisee Pays Half A Million Dollars for Franchisor's Computer System

A recent case decided by the United States Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit, La Quinta v Heartland Properties, shows again the animosity that most Courts, especially federal Courts, have towards franchisees.

Impertinent Questions In Search of Pertinent Answers

Question:   How is it possible that the largest hotel franchise companies can advertise for new franchisees without even mentioning the major issues: territorial protection, termination and windows provisions, liquidated damages, choice of venue, dispute resolution, vendor exclusivity, minimum performance, etc.?