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Which Brands are Most Patriotic?

With July 4th soon upon us, many marketers are readying to wrap their brands in the American flag and cue the marching bands.

Fazoli's Bypasses Mass Marketing to Reach Seniors, Families

Because of Fazoli's location configuration, mass marketing tools are not feasible for much of its chain. It needed to find a different approach to drive traffic to its restaurants. But how?

Marketers Need to Know How to Innovate

Reading GE CMO Beth Comstock’s HBR blog, Innovation Is Marketing’s Job, Too, some of Dr. Seuss’ advice that ran through my mind. Paraphrased, the good Doctor said, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to innovate, but you have to know how.”

What Pizza Experts and Loyalists Say about Pizza Brands

Who are the real pizza experts out there? Sure, Pat Doyle of Domino’s, and Papa John’s John Schnatter spring to mind. But the biggest expert turns out to be a guy named Tom Vilsack.

Why Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Ads Are Off

Photo from Taco Bell commercial

A professor of marketing at the University of Southern California asks – Has Taco Bell lost its mind when it comes to its Ronald McDonald commercials? (See commercial below.)

Most Loyal Fans In Baseball

Last week the cry of “Play Ball” echoed across the nation, and baseball fans cheered. Some just louder than others. Normally, we would have released the results of our 22nd annual Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index before the first pitch.

Who Owns the Customer Experience in Retail?

I had the opportunity to present to a technology company’s advisory board, a table full of eight or nine different retailers, representing the full breadth of retail verticals and sizes. I ran through the current state of omni-channel, expecting to breeze through the first few and delve deeper into topics like the future of the store. That was not to be.

Odds for Academy Award and Ad Winners

The 86th Academy Awards being broadcast this Sunday, March 2nd often ranks as the second-most viewed TV event of the year. Last year viewership was up about 3 percent year-over-year.

Want to Make More Dough? Engage Like Domino's Pizza

How can I ignore this USA Today article, Eat McDonald’s for Three Months and Lose 37 Pounds?  It contains a few of the threads that tie together all the stuff that people are saying about diet and fast food.

Here are the bits that appealed to me:

2014's Top 10 Brands at Better Meeting Customer Expectations

In this century it’s a sure thing that what delights consumers today will be expected tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, very shortly after tomorrow.