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Burgers Out Breasts In as Invasion Looms

A shirtless Vladimir Putin rides a horse

Vladimir Putin riding a horse. Photo from Jetimentat44

Writing in The Week magazine, Theunis Bates recalls Thomas Friedman's Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, which posits that nations which have a McDonald's outlet will not go to war with each other.

Why Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Ads Are Off

Photo from Taco Bell commercial

A professor of marketing at the University of Southern California asks – Has Taco Bell lost its mind when it comes to its Ronald McDonald commercials? (See commercial below.)

Why the Average McDonald's Makes More than Twice as Much as Burger King

With McDonald's ranked number one in burger chains and Burger King pegged just one place behind at number two, the difference in revenues at their restaurants is huge:  the average MickeyD takes in more than twice as much as BK.

2 Former Managers Say They Made McDonald's Staff Work without Pay

Citing pressure to cut labor costs, two former McDonald's restaurant managers have admitted publicly to making crew members work without pay.

McDonald's Franchisee to Pay $500K to Workers for Back Wages

McDDSC_0773New York’s attorney general announced yesterday that a McDonald’s franchisee in Manhattan has agreed to pay $500,000 to workers for cheating them of out of pay.

McDonald’s Lawsuit is Part of a Major Strategy. Where Will it End?

This article from New York Newsday sheds light on reports regarding lawsuits and protests against McDonald’s franchisees, corporate operated locations and McDonald's corporation.

Elderly Couple Booted Out of McDonald's

Carl Becker, 87, and his wife Barbara, 81, of Rixeyville, Virginia, were enjoying their customary light meal at the Culpeper McDonald's when they were, according to them, treated rudely by an employee, then asked by the manager to leave.

Controversial McResource Site Pulled

A day after Christmas, McDonald's made the news again by pulling down its McResource website for employees.

Zees Get a 10 Million Pound Second Taste of McDonald's UnMighty Wings

Franchisees are upset that they will have a second taste of McDonald's Mighty Chicken Wing dud. The franchisor needs to get rid of the giant sized portion that was left from its original 50 million pounds of chicken bought for its limited time offer in fall.

Couple Mistakenly Receives Bag of Cash from McDonald's Restaurant

Surprise! A couple in Tennessee mistakenly received a bag of cash that was the McDonald's restaurant's bank deposit instead of a bag with their breakfast order.