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Franchisees Say McDonald’s Rent Is Too Damn High, Form Discussion Party

A McDonald's in New York City, photo/ps
A New York City McDonald's. photo/bmm

As if he didn't have enough on his plate, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson now has to deal with a brewing chorus of poorer franchisees.

McDonald's and Wendy's Vie for Cost-Conscious Customers

McDonald's Website

McDonald’s Corp. and Wendy’s admit it is getting more challenging in winning customers with value menu deals, not just in the U.S. but also globally.

Was the U.S. Market for McDonald's Franchises Saturated 15 Years Ago?

McDonald’s Corporation is ramping up the growth rate of new restaurants in the U.S.A. We can understand the challenge management faces. They must keep total sales growing to increase corporate income.

McDonald’s Skinner Leaves, Thompson Leads

McDonald's new CEO Don Thompson
McDonald's new CEO Don Thompson. photo/MCD

CHICAGO — McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) announced Wednesday that vice chairman and chief executive officer Jim Skinner, age 67, has informed the board of directors of his decision to retire effective June 30, 2012, after 41 years with the company.

Franchisees Win with Massachusetts Lawmakers

Past franchisee Jane Keegan testifies before Massachusetts' Committee on Community and Small Business that an unscrupulous franchisor took her retirement savings
Janet Keegan testifies a franchisor took her retirement and left her bankrupt

BOSTON — Franchisees and a few franchisor advocates gathered on June 29 to be heard at the Massachusetts’ Committee on Community and Small Businesses. In a filled room, franchisees plead with state senators and representatives to provide fundamental protection from wayward franchisors.

Ronald McDonald Sidelined

Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald in former glory, photo/sfxeric

Observers say that the Golden Arches is seeing a lot less of Ronald McDonald as the chain touts its lattes.

Activists Hold Ronald McDonald Hostage

Ronald McDonald with Friends, taken at a Cincinati McDonald's

Drawing of Ronald with friends during happier times at a Cincinnati McD

Last week, Ronald McDonald, the very icon of happiness itself, was abducted by a Finnish group calling itself the Food Liberation Army.

Time to Look at McD Rebranding

During the Q3 2010 earnings call, McDonald's informed listeners they were substantially behind targets in their plan to rebrand restaurants.

Why Is a Hampton Franchise No. 1?

Hampton Inn amidst farms outside a small town in rural Kentucky
A newer Hampton Inn franchise sits in rural Kentucky, photo/bmm

IRVINE, Calif. — A magazine explains how it decides what is the best franchise to buy. But what comes out is a clearer explanation of what franchisor shares to invest in.

Breakfast War!

Subway Breakfast
Subway's website announces breakfast nationwide. Click image to see tv ad.